Monday, May 30, 2011

WINNING! Over the Feminist False Allegations Industry.

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People all over the world turn to Objectify Chicks! for information about fake domestic violence claims more than anyone other than Yahoo! and According to, the web's authoritative analytics company, the search query "fake domestic violence," more than 8% of the time, leads the searcher to peruse the pages of Objectify Chicks!

The worldwide reach of Objectify Chicks!, while generally exposing all of the mental disorder known as feminism, seems to specifically serve mankind by providing information about the false allegations industry that is powered by modern feminism. For instance, a quarter of all traffic to Objectify Chicks! has been driven by search terms such as "Crystal Gail Mangum," "false allegations," and "fake domestic violence."

Key articles to peruse on the issue of false allegations include:

U.S. Air Force study finds that up to 40% of rape claims are false.

Domestic Violence is the biggest feminist lie.

Women are more abusive than men.

Vanilla Ice falsely accused of DV.

Cops admit that women use false allegations of DV.

How "Women's Shelters" coach and coax false allegations of DV and rape (linked to the first of a four-part series - be sure to read all four parts, based on research and personal interviews with women who have been inside shelters).

Statistical Evidence that DV is a feminist hysteria.

David Letterman falsely accused of DV.

Tucker Carlson falsely accused of rape.

National Organization of Women President lies about being raped.

Chick makes up rape to get a day off from work.

How feminists dissemble about what the term "Domestic Violence" means.

Why Mike Nifong is a feminist hero.

Professorette, DV "expert," admits that the feminist-conjured Domestic Violence Hysteria is politically motivated.

Rick Pitino falsely accused of rape.

Child lies about rape to avoid being grounded.

Jealousy + Booze + Tila Tequila = false allegations of Domestic Violence.

Summary of previous articles: Be Aware of the Truth about Domestic Violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Tim Cole Dies in Prison, an innocent victim of false rape allegations, revealed nine years after his death.

Oprah Winfrey lied about rape.

Why Crystal Gail Mangum is a feminist icon.

Guest Column by Jill G.: How defining rape down ensures that all men are rapists.

And, of course, scouring the website will turn up dozens of other articles on the topic as well. See if you can find the one in which a female member of the Democrat Governor of North Carolina's office admits that women do, in fact, commonly lodge false allegations - contrary to feminist dogma.

Everything that you need to know to get a firm grasp of how the Feminist False Allegations Industry works - and why - can be gathered by reading the links on this page. So the next time you hear about a neighbor who was married for 10 or 15 years who has suddenly been arrested for raping his wife or for domestic violence (funny how these things occur during custody and alimony disputes, isn't it?), take it with a grain of salt.

Or, if you are wise, with a TON of salt....

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