Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Real Child Abusers

"HHS studies report that 'children in mother-only households were three times more likely to be fatally abused [murdered] than children in father-only households. Females were 78% of the perpetrators of fatal child abuse [murder] and 81% of natural parents who seriously abuse their children.'”

F. Roger Devlin, "Rotating Polyandry - and its Enforcers," in The Occidental Quarterly.


  1. That's because they get the support of the feminists and lawmakers who lessen the sentence on criminal women. That's also due to the lying media who hides the real truth of the woman, as if the make-up isn't enough to hide her truth.

    Women feel unpunished for whatever they do. Even more, men still marry them, which is like giving them a prize. So, it would be stupid of any woman not to continue as she is.


  2. Agree to this on a personal horrific adventure i've experienced first hand. All charges subsequently dropped after enduring ( stress,fear of carelessness of the criminal court system and tremendous grief and financial lost of car lease ( inpounded and sold )credit rating from 850 to 596 score. and a lawyer ( counciled > take a plee if she shows up to trail and cries, bye bye Michael Brown.The yonkers court system protected needlessly, a woman who was only scorned NOT scared. stood my ground . all charges dropped. bail money completely recouped. no poundage fee 3% applied.was justice served? No justice! just lucky and bitter to the core.