Monday, October 31, 2011

I Am the One Percent

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feminism: Evidence that Women are Weak and Dependent

The feminist movement is the ultimate admission by women that they are wholly dependent upon men. It is the externalization of a neurotic desire to design a world in which women can be cared for by men, and always have men accept responsibility for their weaknesses, while simultaneously asserting their moral and intellectual independence from men.

While maintaining that women are "strong and independent," women insist that government provide for them through the welfare state, that men provide for them through child support and alimony, that the justice system protect them from even imaginary threats (and the most minor of insults) mobilized by the lavish leveling of false allegations, and that both government and business be fully committed to the proposition of the self-worth of the individual woman through compelling that their hiring, promotion, and professionalization be increased via affirmative action, preferential promotion policies, and through divergent sets of rules for men and women.

Thus, the total dependence of women upon men is revealed by feminism's demand that men, and structures erected by men (such as government and business), continue to be responsible for the provision, protection, and even emotional health of women, who appear wholly incapable of standing on their own the more feminist they become.