Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Slaughter of Innocents

I am deeply saddened by the senseless murder of 20 innocent children in Newtown, CT, on 12/14/2012.

I am even more deeply saddened by the senseless murder of nearly 4,000 innocent children in the United States every day since Roe v. Wade (1973), by feminists and their willing accomplices in murder, the Democrat party.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Battered Women's Syndrome Was Invented

To a feminist, women are the same as men, unless there is something to be gained by being different....

And to a feminist, women are "strong and independent," unless a court battle can be won by portraying themselves as weak, easily-controlled victims....

Friday, March 23, 2012

The "I Lied to Police and Got Him Thrown in Jail" Act (New York Post)

by Abby Schechter, The New York Post

What's in a name? You are probably for reauthorization of the "Violence Against Women Act." Whereas you may not be in favor of reauthorizing the 'I lied to the police and got him thrown in jail for 10 months' act. And yet the two are the very same piece of legislation.

As the Independent Institute's Mary Theroux points out , VAWA has changes in it that essentially violate the rule of law.

"This Act goes far beyond simple discrimination to actively circumvent law as we understand it: accusers need provide no proof and are not held accountable for lying. The accused can and are summarily jailed, denied access to their children, and put under restraining orders on nothing more than the say-so of a woman who may very well be acting out of anger, a desire to retain marital property or sole custody of their children, or just plain whimsy.

VAWA "has redefined “domestic violence” to include dirty looks, name calling, or simply the “intuition” (imagination) of a woman that the accused is thinking ill thoughts."

And as Theroux highlights from a "Dr. Phil" clip, if VAWA is reauthorized it will become the law of the land that a woman can get her husband thrown in jail for 10 months because "he disrespected" but did not hit or punch her.

Oh, and by the way, VAWA has been around since the Clinton years and has been totally ineffective . A family violence expert said, "There is no evidence that VAWA has led to a decrease in violence against women."

There is also an illegal immigration component that is a slap in the face of current law . "For Hispanic voters, [Sen. Patrick] Leahy added a provision to increase by 50 percent the number of visas given to immigrants who claim to need to stay in the country to help criminal investigations. Ranking committee member Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, was outvoted when he tried to include reasonable limitations on granting these visas, such as requiring that the crime be under active investigation and not beyond the statute of limitations."

Oh, one more small item of note: VAWA was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Feminists are Pathetic

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Intelligent Feminists (sic)

We have a saying in these parts: "When you throw a stone, the dog that yelps loudest was hit hardest." In other words, when you say something that is obviously true, those who protest the loudest are those upon whom the statement has had its most serious impact.

Objectify Chicks!
, the blog, and @objectifychicks, the associated twitter account, has been getting a lot of attention from femtards of late. I presume that femtards have extra time on their hands these days for several reasons, among which is that M.A.'s in Women's Studies can't even get you a job at Burger King in the Obama economy; with all the government funding being cut to feminist projects (there IS a God!), lots of femtard organizations are shutting down (like the YWCA in Raleigh, NC), leaving lots of feminists unemployed and otherwise dependent on government - proving my point, that feminists have exchanged continual dependence upon a husband for continual dependence upon government; and finally, I suppose that abortion season is over, and without innocent babies to kill, feminists have to look for other ways to occupy their time.

So I thought I would use some of this recent activity to prove yet another point about feminists (and their fellow travelers; I realize that, for a lot of reasons, it has become less popular to self-identify as a feminist, but anyone who argues in feminist language for the defense of feminism is a feminist whether they so self-identify or not, so throughout where you read "feminist" please note that I am including their associates, no matter how they self-identify) - that for all of their smugness and ability to smirk meaningfully when given a position on a mainstream news outlet, they really aren't smart. At all. I am going to take that just one step further, and say it the way my wife says it:

"All feminists are stupid. There are no exceptions."

Feel free to substitute the word "morons," "retarded," "semi-retarded," "lunatics," or such words as are to your own taste for the word "stupid" in the above evaluation. I am just quoting my wife.

I started this blog in 2008. So this blog has been going on for the better part of four years as I write. There were many aspects of writing this particular blog that have been surprising to me: that it would get 100,000 hits, that it would lead to radio and television interviews and public appearances where I tell the general public the uncensored truth about feminism, that it would eventually be read in 161 countries (as of today) of the world, and that individuals (including lawyers and judges) would contact me behind the scenes about my blogs on feminism's encouragement of false accusations.

But there is one thing that I was not prepared for: the sheer intellectual vacuity of feminists themselves. Now, having said that, let me insert a couple of caveats....

First, of course I know that all feminists are damn fools. Of course I know that feminism is a position of neurotics and morons. Of course I know that feminism is an emotional, not an intellectual position. One could not read the pages of this sacred journal and not detect the utter scorn that I possess for the supposed "arguments" of feminism (have you ever read the word femtard in these sacred pages? that's a hint....). A person with an engaged brain with an IQ over 40 (who was also honest) could not possibly believe the nonsense that is spouted by feminists: that abortion is about the woman's body? that the solution to alleged discrimination is actual discrimination? that whatever a man can do, a woman can do as well, and therefore standards for admission and promotion in law schools, medical schools, business schools, the military, fire departments, police departments, and everything else must be lowered so that women can do what men have already been doing since the dawn of time? that society's unwillingness to pay for the fornication of femtards by purchasing their birth control amounts to a denial of their "reproductive rights" (whatever the heck that is)?

These are the ravings of lunatics. I get that. Heck, I wrote that!

Secondly, I have not exactly designed this blog to be hyperintellectual. There is a reason for that. If I used too many three-syllable words, feminists would not be able to read it and understand how wrong they are, for instance. But I have also chosen - and this was a conscious choice - to couch my arguments within a generous serving of comedy and to try to make each individual article capable of being understood by the average Joe who may be coming to this blog without a knowledge of feminism, politics, culture, or law. But despite the humor, it is undeniable that a person who reads this blog from beginning to end, along with all the supporting materials, would come to an understanding of the perversion that feminism has inflicted upon life, law, and the family that would give them a level of insight that far surpasses what one would get in a lifetime of watching the CBS Evening News. This blog is not intellectual, but it is intelligent, and it is intended for the common man.

Now, having thrown in those two caveats, back to the original argument. The one thing that has surprised me about writing and managing this blog for four years was the sheer lack of intelligence among its detractors. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting much. But many years ago, I actually interned in a psychiatric ward, and was surprised that for all the electroshock treatment, psychotropic drugs, and people claiming to be Napoleon, that many of the patients were actually capable of rational, and often intriguing (or at least interesting) conversation, and occasionally had great insights into themselves, those around them, the psychiatric process, and the culture.

But if I heard 30 interesting conversations during my brief time interning in a psychiatric ward, that is 30 more than I have ever heard from a feminist. And though this blog has reached literally around the world (most recently, it entered Uzbekistan), in spite of the fact that I intentionally pimp my blog to people who do not agree with its sentiments (using such hashtags as #feminist, #feminism, #NOW, #prochoice, #dnc, #maddow, #progressive, #dailykos, and others) not one person on any continent in four years has made a rational, thoughtful, intellectual response opposing either any single argument that I have made (with something like 150+ articles at this point) or the blog itself. Further, though many of my articles are extensively researched, citing news stories, statistics, law, and other outside, objective sources, not one time has a feminist produced evidence that would counteract any single claim (to say nothing of an article, or the content of the blog itself) made in four years.

In fact, ALL of the responses which I have received from feminists, either on the blog or on twitter, have looked like a catalogue of logical errors which one might find in a freshman-level Introduction to Philosophy textbook. And that is when the responses do not degenerate into mere bumper-sticker sloganeering. So let's take a brief look at some of the recent "attention" (no doubt, ginned up) that Objectify Chicks! has received and see what it is that feminists have to say in light of the impeccable logic and overwhelming objective truth of this blog.

First, the following comment was offered to my article, Independent Women - An Important Piece of Feminist Mythology....

Ah, no legitimate comments posted by women from an intellectual women's perspective, though I am sure you have more than a few placed at your disposal...

Enraging men against women, infuriating women against men, pushing the sexes further apart, to what result? You take this as more than a joke, clearly, what is the point? You defame half the population, decry the faults of some women and claim them as that of the whole, why?

The men who are pussy whipped who you think you are helping, the women who are leaning on men for support that you think will be moved to become more, will likely use this as fuel to their already in place agendas, which is to take solace from "the harsh world of men" in the arms of a woman, or to rob from the men who "took her ability to live."

This blog will push some women further away from the trust of other women, which could end in them losing trust for their own abilities, making them more reliant on men. It could push some men to form a deep seeded Confirmation Bias that debilitates them from seeing women beyond the few qualities they've been fed.

All in all, this blog has no agenda other than persuading anyone who stumbles upon it to enforce their beliefs in insurmountable gender differences, there by securing the "logic" that the opposite gender can never be understood and must be dismissed at "other". Other, meaning to be endured, to be laughed at, to be disregarded as not having legitimate experience in this world.

Interesting, isn't it, that the comment that complains about not posting any intellectual opposition a) got published and b) wasn't intellectual at all?

OK, so let's get down to brass tacks: there is a proper way to think and converse, and any deviation from that proper way is improper (i.e., wrong, stupid, leading to error, etc.), and feminists do not know the proper way to think. This is why such a hilarious series of supposed beliefs can be propagated among the sheep (though, when it comes to feminists, the proper term is probably "cattle," not "sheep") that comprise feminism. Though, most feminists know that their beliefs are wrong and simply do not care, as they are a convenient way of manipulating others to get what they want.

But here is the proper way to think and converse, when one's goal is the discovery of truth.

Person A asserts X.
Person B produces evidence of non-X.
Person A counters with evidence of non-non-X, or explains why the non-X evidence is faulty.
Person B produces evidence of non-non-non-X, or explains why the non-non-X evidence produced by Person A is faulty.
Ad infinitum, until it is apparent that X is either right or wrong.

Now, people who know that they are wrong (and people who have been brainwashed by people who know that they are wrong) do not like this process, because their interest is not in discovering the truth, but rather in pushing their "perspective" (please note that this word appears in the above comment as "intellectual women's perspective," an oxymoron - there is no such thing as an "intellectual women's perspective," only truth and non-truth, and women are free to subscribe to either, but non-truth does not get "promoted" in importance simply because it is identified as the "women's perspective").

So what do people who know that they are wrong substitute for this kind of evidence based argument? Sleight of hand. Philosophers call it "logical fallacies." Thomas Sowell calls it "verbal virtuosity." My granddad called it "shooting the messenger out of hate for the message." But let's work with "logical fallacies..." and let's see just how many recognized logical fallacies, observable in most introductory philosophy books, we can find in this single comment by an "intellectual feminist."

"Ah, no legitimate comments posted by women from an intellectual women's perspective, though I am sure you have more than a few placed at your disposal."

Logical Fallacy 1: Assuming Facts not in Evidence. In fact, there were NO responses in opposition to this article until the one posted above which assumed that there must have been many. And as for intellectual arguments in opposition to any article on this blog, there have never been any, in four years.

"Enraging men against women, infuriating women against men, pushing the sexes further apart, to what result?"

Logical Fallacy 2: Argument to Moderation. Assuming that truth is always a compromise between two supposedly opposed forces. Truth frequently "pushes people apart," because many people do not care for truth. That is not an indicator against truth, but rather a moral evaluation of those who reject it. Moral Quandry 1: Hypocrisy. Feminists excoriate anti-feminists for "driving men and women apart" when the whole project of feminism from day one has been to drive men and women apart - through divorce, false allegations against men, false victimization of women, and the stirring up and channeling of female resentment against men. Assuming that her evaluation of my blog is on point, is my blog any different from feminism generally? Logical Fallacy 3: Irrelevant Conclusion. Assuming that my purpose in my post was, in fact,  to "enrage men and women against each other," does my unholy purpose thereby disprove anything which was written in the article, which was essentially to say that the construct of an "Independent Woman" is a mythical one? Logical Fallacy 4: Appeal to Consequences. A conclusion is not proven true or false because its truth or falsity may have what are perceived to be negative consequences. Logical Fallacy 5: Appeal to Motive. A premise's truth or falsity may not be determined by an examination of the underlying motives of the person claiming the premise.

Using our evidence-based outline above, a relevant response would have looked like this:

"But 80% of women have never been dependent on either government or men or parents." (Can you imagine what the real statistic on that one is?)

"You defame half the population, decry the faults of some women and claim them as that of the whole, why?"

Vocabulary Failure 1: Defame. The word "defame" demands that something be said that is untrue. Nothing was written that was untrue. It is impossible to "defame" by telling the truth. No evidence, argument, or even assertion that any particular statement I have made in the article or on the blog is untrue is present, merely the vague assertion that something out there is "defamatory." Logical Fallacy 6: Appeal to Emotion. It is easier to claim that an argument "defames half the population," and thus win sympathy, than it is to actually counter the argument.

"The men who are pussy whipped who you think you are helping, the women who are leaning on men for support that you think will be moved to become more, will likely use this as fuel to their already in place agendas, which is to take solace from "the harsh world of men" in the arms of a woman, or to rob from the men who "took her ability to live. This blog will push some women further away from the trust of other women, which could end in them losing trust for their own abilities, making them more reliant on men. It could push some men to form a deep seeded Confirmation Bias that debilitates them from seeing women beyond the few qualities they've been fed. "

Logical Fallacy 7: Gobbledeygook. Huh? Logical Fallacy 8: Appeal to Consequences (see above). Logical Fallacy 9: Argumentum Verbosum. The "proof by verbosity" is a) using so many words that the debating opponent becomes frustrated with "fixing" all the errors in the argument (as is happening now as I am typing) and gives up, allowing the moron to walk away with a sense of, "Well, I told him!", and b) using technical-sounding but ultimately meaningless jargon (like "Confirmation Bias") to give the illusion that one is speaking from a position of expertise.

"All in all, this blog has no agenda other than persuading anyone who stumbles upon it to enforce their beliefs in insurmountable gender differences... blah blah."

Logical Fallacy 10: Straw Man. Rather than allowing the blog itself to tell her the agenda of the blog (notice how up at the top of the page it clearly says, "Defeating Feminism by Revealing Feminism"?), she constructs an alternative purpose that exists only in her mind that she is relatively sure that any readers of her comment will agree with. However, where the blog itself tells you its agenda, it is merely an exercise in slander to ascribe a differing primary agenda without some evidence. But no worries, false allegations are something that feminists are comfortable with.

So, a minimum of ten logical fallacies (that I chose to deal with), one misconstrued word, and one moral quandry (that I chose to deal with) in a few paragraphs. And THIS from a self-classified progenitor of an "intelligent women's perspective."

You see why my wife says: "All feminists are stupid. There are no exceptions."

My twin articles on the mythology of the independent woman and the undeniable truth that "Feminist are Just Communists with Butch Haircuts" apparently was the topic of discussion at a quilting party/crossdressing seminar/vegan feast/Wicca ritual over at the Democrat National Committee headquarters recently, as the following tweets emerged from that particular smoke-filled room, showing yet more of the intellectual heft (or is it hemp?) that comprises the femtard movement....

"lmao look at this idiot haha when was the last time you saw such a whiny fucking baby" (@AKvltGhost, who later tweeted, with equal intellectual insight, "fart on my balls" and "cure your 'feminist indoctrination' with a bullet through the fetid grey clots in your fuckshit skull" and "fight homophobia with bullets imo").

Logical Fallacy: Ad Hominem. Arguing "against the man" while ignoring the argument itself does not disprove any argument that has been made. When one cannot argue against an argument, however, it is a common tactic to simply ascribe negative motives and/or consequences to the argument (as above) or to insult the one making the argument. One wonders, however, how one who seems to have a hobby of allowing others to fart on his balls could reasonably expect to efficiently shame another person...? Maybe that's just me.

"MRAs are just Nazis with smaller penises." and "I wonder how small 's penis must be. Probably around 4 cm" (@MrPapaya, who later tweeted this intellectually complex assertion: "I'm sure you've put celery in your butt at least once." I am detecting a theme with these folks.).

" waaaah women find me repulsive and won't have sex with me waaaaaah" (@moewytchdog, who earlier said to another twitterer, "Sadly, you are wrong because you have no evidence." Odd, isn't it, that femtards and their fellow travelers have mastered the art of hypocrisy, in holding others to standards that they are not willing to hold themselves to...?).

Hahahahaha! 1) Gee, I had never heard that joke before! Where did you get it? Accusing men who disagree with feminism of having tiny penises and not getting laid??? Brilliant! That sure did let the cat out of the bag! That should shame them into compliance, right? 2) And that certainly settles the argument. People who disagree with feminism are wrong because... they have tiny penises! Of course, the logic is impeccable!

I dunno, something isn't adding up with that argument. Are you sure that's the best you can do?

Would this argument work? "Feminists are wrong because they have A-cups"?

How about this one? "Feminists are wrong because they are lezbos and ugly"?

Now, while it is true that feminists are lezbos and ugly, it is certainly beside the fact that their argument is wrong, as this blog has demonstrated for four years by actually arguing against feminist policy and beliefs while merely noting tangentially that feminists are also lesbians and ugly.

As for the Nazi reference, let's remind our surely public-school educated (which is to say, UNeducated) writer that the term "Nazi" is a shortened form of a really long German word which means "National Socialism." Socialism - like Marx? You know, socialism, like the Democrat party? You know, like feminism? Enough said....

More clever feminist insight...

lmao if the darth vader avatar doesn't say enough " (@Kavem4n)
" Even that name, , damn. I simply do not understand what drives the kind of bullshit MRAs spin." (@cgranade)

So let's review.

We have numerous contributions from femtards all over the world (undoubtedly). Their arguments can be reduced to: logical fallacies, hypocrisy, misconstruing arguments and words, attacking individuals who disagree with them, criticizing the choice of screen names and avatars (which a rational person would "get" were chosen with irony and provocation in mind), and questioning the frequency of sex and the size of one's penis.

For the record, I am married, and as luck would have it, married to a woman whose desire is... more than healthy. I'm not bragging, but twice a day is normal. And when we go away for the weekend... well.... And as for size, I would never be so vulgar, but she does not complain. But that really doesn't matter, and I hate to even engage in such discussion, because the fact remains that, even if I am a virgin eunuch, every single assertion and policy of feminism is immoral, neurotic, and/or hypocritical in the extreme, feminism is wrong about everything, and I mean every particular thing (and provably so), and feminism exists only to feed the covetousness of the Commutard female population and to advance socialism.

But back to our argument. The best that a feminist can do to argue against four years of meticulously researched writing on dozens of subjects which have been posted for a multitude of time is exactly what they did in eighth grade. Be mouthy. Insult. Be crass. Ignore facts. Lie.

But the truth is, I knew when I started this blog that there were no rational arguments in favor of feminism. I just didn't know that nobody would ever TRY to make a rational argument in favor of feminism.

It is a basic principle of argument that, when the facts and evidence are on your side, you stick with the facts and evidence. When the facts and evidence are not on your side, you create diversions, lie, attack people personally, and mischaracterize.

All feminists are fools. And though this blog has been cast in the face of feminists for four years, not one time in that four year period has anyone even attempted to make an argument that the evidence presented on this blog is wrong.

The best that a femtard can do to deal with her detractors is to revel in every logical error and moral transgression that has ever been known to man.

So now you know why my wife says, frequently,

"All feminists are stupid. There are no exceptions."

So much for the "intelligent feminist perspective."

Feminism, whether gleaned from twitter or feministing, whether represented by grassroots moronic liberals or Andrea Dworkin, is ultimately a philosophy held by mental midgets and is incapable of being expressed in an intellectual, reasoned, evidence-based context. Feminism is not a coherent philosophy to which intelligent people ascribe. It is a religion. And it is a religion of the worst kind - a wholly existential religion which requires its adherents to believe, not in things which transcend reality, as a legitimate religion might, but in things that directly contradict reality.

Is it any wonder that the character and personality of its adherents is so twisted when people are expected to believe in that which obviously contradicts all truth? Because, if you think these people are normal, when was the last time YOU talked about sticking celery up someone's butt, or asked to have your balls farted on? Whether feminism is the cause or consequence of such corruption, well that's a question for another day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feminists Are Just Commies with Butch Haircuts

Feminism is not now, nor has it ever been, about such high-sounding abstractions as "equality," "opportunity for women," "women's rights," or even "women's health." By the way, the English translation of "women's health" is "abortion."

Rather, feminism is now, and has always been, about socialism.

This has become apparent in the recent contraception non-debate, manufactured by Barack Obama because he has no actual accomplishments on which to argue for his reelection, in which the refusal of private parties to pay for the fornicating of others is interpreted by weak-minded feminists (that is, by ALL feminists) as somehow "limiting their access to contraception."

As if the FACE of the average feminist were not birth control enough...!

During a Mitt Romney speech on 3/20/2012, some semi-retarded feminist (yes, I know, that semi-retarded and feminist are both axiomatic and tautological) says to Mitt Romney in her ever-so almost literate way (I have argued many times that feminists have a very limited vocabulary, composed only of variations of the words and phrases "patriarchy," "domestic violence," "reproductive freedom," and "Wanna scissor?")...

"You're all for like 'Yay freedom' and all this stuff and 'Yay pursuit of happiness.' You know what would make me happy? Free birth control."

Oddly enough, femtards can't seem to work the logic the opposite way - which is why, of course, they are called femtards. Perhaps the rest of us might also like some free stuff? Free houses would be good. And free cars, food, vacations, dogs, books, big screen tvs, and a host of other toys would make me personally happy. And I am sure that all the millions of men who have suffered under false allegations of rape, child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual harassment because of feminism would have appreciated free lawyers.

I wonder why this femtard getting free stuff is a political issue but me getting free stuff isn't?

It's because feminism is just Communism wearing hiking boots with a butch haircut. Oh, and a propensity for perjury....

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." Karl Marx.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Slutty Feminist Philosophy

How to think (sic!!!) and argue like a feminist:

1) Say the following: "The government has no business in my bedroom!"

2) Next, say this: "The government needs to subsidize the activities that take place in my bedroom!"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

WANTED: Feminists Needed (To Make Sammiches!)