Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Feminists Do Not Answer Questions

Have you ever noticed that when you ask questions which challenge feminist dogma, there is never any genuine attempt on the part of feminists to actually answer those questions?

There is plenty of screaming "Sexism!" "Harassment!" Even "Domestic Violence!"

But there is never any attempt to actually answer the question. So I was wondering, why do feminists never attempt to answer the perfectly legitimate questions or dialogue with the perfectly logical points of those who (rightly) oppose feminism?

I think I have come up with a few ideas:

1) Because they already know the answer, and they know the answer does not support feminism.

2) Because they only teach you 14 vocabulary words in a "Women's Studies" program, four of which are some version of the word "Empowerment."

3) Because, when utterly flummoxed by the truth, it is easier to just scream "Sexism!"

4) Because they are too busy trying to figure out of the "i" comes before or after the "e" in "Glass Ceiling" to put additional effort into forming a real argument.

5) Because YOU are obviously under the bigoted, androcentrist misperception that truth trumps politics.

6) Because thinking can give you a headache and make you have crow's feet. It is much easier to simply drink the Kool-Aid and shout, "Yay for the sisterhood."

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  1. Feminists do not answer questions because they believe they are immune from criticism.