Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun with Figures

The Domestic Violence Hysteria (DVH) perpetrated upon the unthinking (witless?) American public by the Domestic Violence Industry (DVI) is now an international phenomenon. Not only Americans are subject to this hysteria.

The DVH takes various forms: Domestic Violence is the leading cause of death of women between such and such an age and such and such an age (variously 15 and 44, 19 and 51, etc.). One in four women are subject to Domestic Violence in a lifetime. And who can forget the oldie but goodie, Super Bowl Sunday is "the most dangerous day of the year to be a woman!" due to Domestic Violence by beer-guzzling, football watching Steeler (or, insert football team's name here: ______) fans.

An interesting radio program on the BBC subjects various claims to examination by statisticians.


Don't tell me that somebody is going to subject a claim of feminist propagandists to fact-checking, are they? Isn't that misogynistic? Or against the law? Or maybe that is an act of domestic violence itself (Don't laugh - femtard organizations perpetrate the myth that one of the solutions to violence against women is to "validate the experiences" of the "victim," or "always believe the victim.")?

So statistician Tim Harford, upon examining the nonsensical claims of the DVI, notes that their "rogue statistics" are prone to "mutate as [they] circulate" because they tend to move from mouth to mouth - it is a giant version of the children's game of Telephone (remember when everybody lined up and tried to get a message from one end of the line to the other by whispering in one another's ear?). The statistics are never fact-checked - even by legislators or journalists - and they tend to morph over time.

Upon actually checking the figures, Harford found that annually in Britain, 2,000 women died from cancer. Over 1,000 died from all "external causes" combined - which would include domestic violence - but would also include accidents, street violence, and even causes as diverse as an intentionally-inflicted suicide.

Well, we always said that girls were not good with math, didn't we?

So more prodding. Forget about Britain. What about in the world at large? Because, of course, nobody watches the Super Bowl in Britain! Surely all those drooling beasts in America bump up the worldwide numbers, right?

Well, according to Colin Mavers of the World Health Organizations (WHO), the leading cause of death for women aged 15 to 44 worldwide, is HIV. Domestic Violence doesn't even place or show in this race (sorry femtards!), as tuberculosis and suicide are the second and third causes of death, respectively.

Perhaps women should be protected from themselves, rather than their husbands... errrr, intimate partners?

Homicide, of which domestic violence is a subset, is not even in the top ten causes of death for women of this age group worldwide, according to the WHO.

And incidentally, the WHO's measure of disability ("Well, my man didn't kill me, but he sure harmed me!"), tallies the three leading causes as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, in that order.

Chicks are crazy, you know?

When Britain's Home Office (a governmental ministry) was queried as to where their assertions that DV was a leading cause of death and/or disability came from, it issued a statement saying that the stats were merely used "for illustrative purposes."

Well, now.

One must wonder as to why the Home Office did not choose to "illustrate" the sorry shape of the female populace by blaming it all on candied yam consumption. Perhaps that would not have been as politically expedient.

As Tim Harford, our intrepid statistician puts it, "Thank goodness for 'illustrative purposes!' Otherwise, I would be worried that a bogus statistic had echoed around the world, copied apparently without question into official [governmental] reports, news bulletins, and policy documents."

So how are the statistics on domestic violence gathered when they are not simply made up? Well, women are simply asked in surveys.

Because, of course, women do not lie about such things.

But even so, genuine statistics show that only 4% of women experience domestic violence in any year.

Not quite the 1 in 4 figure that femtards insist on, but then we all know that chicks are no good at math.

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