Friday, May 29, 2009

Women Don't Lie About Rape - Chapter 732

Of course, it is a (false) doctrine of the feminist movement that women do not lie about rape. They also do not lie about domestic violence, child abuse, sexual harassment, their age, their weight, or their breast size. Come to think of it, when feminists maintain that men and women are equally capable at everything on the planet, we must obviously carve out a single exception: women are not capable of lying.

Like every assertion of feminism, however, the evidence seems to diverge rather sharply from the feminist dogma. Without rehashing old ground like the Duke Lacrosse case, the NOW chapter president in Florida who made up false rape allegations as a means of ginning up interest in her FemmeFascist ideas, and the half dozen other ridiculous stories that I have documented on this blog in the past, we have The Case of the Surreptitious Photographer.

It seems that a 41-year old man who owns a multimedia company in Britain was invited over to the flat of a 27-year old female. Oddly enough, the 41-year old's identity is not private, while the U.K.'s Daily Mail steadfastly refuses to print the name of the lying wench who falsely accused him.

The two of them had sex. Apparently, it was, ummmmmmmmm, sex with gusto. Exhuberant sex. Sex so embarrassingly, ummmmm, "active" that the judge warned the jury that they might find it "extremely distasteful."

Something went wrong after all this great sex (when will men learn to simply leave the apartment after the sex is over?) and the two argued. The 27-year old perjurer and the 41-year old, whose name I refuse to print because I have higher ethics than London's Daily Mail, had an argument. Somebody called the police. The 27-year old female "rape victim" alleged that the two were fighting because she had been serially raped. And the innocent 41-year old businessman was arrested on the spot and charged with four counts of rape.

During the trial, the woman told the jury that the accused "forced her to perform a sex act on him and then raped her in the living room."

Then, during cross-examination, something both strange and wonderful happened. The accused's cell phone was produced. Now, remember, the accused owns a "multimedia company."

So a short film was shown to the jury. A film of, oddly enough, the night in question's proceedings.

Yes, our Multimedia Man had secretly used his cellphone's camera function to film himself and the "rape victim" having sex.

So after the film, the accused's defense attorney stated to the "rape victim," "You and Mr. [X] were very familiar with each other and comfortable in each other's presence." Apparently that was an understatement, given the participatory nature of the "rape victim's" sexual calisthenics.

To which the "rape victim" then essentially admitted that while she was very comfortable with the sex, she wasn't happy with the conversation that followed it.

The judge then warned the prosecuting attorney not to present further evidence. You see, the "rape victim" is protected from perjury charges by so-called "rape shield" laws, but anybody else who offered evidence could very well have faced the full wrath of the court for either perjury or contempt.

The jury went into chambers and cleared the accused of all charges.

This despite the "rape victim's" claim that, "He wanted to be intimate. Maybe he thought he could force me into it but he went too far."

Emphasis added to show the direct, unequivocal nature of the false allegations.

It's a good thing that we know that women do not lie about rape, or child abuse, or sexual harassment, or domestic violence. Otherwise, cases like this one might make us believe that they do.

Oh, and by the way, those who work in the "industry" do, in fact, recognize that not only do women lie about these things, but that claims of rape, domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual harassment are MORE likely than other claims to be false. Some say that the majority of such claims are lies.

Like the U.S. Air Force, whose study is referenced in the comments section on this page, where lawyers discuss the phenomenon of false rape claims. Or RADAR's story on false rape claims.

It is certainly worth asking, and a question that Western society ought to be asking itself repeatedly until the significance of both the question and its answer sink in, as to why the normal rate of false reporting for all crimes hovers around 2%-4%, but these feminist-privileged offenses (rape, domestic violence, child abuse and molestation, and sexual harassment) have estimated rates of false reporting exceeding anywhere from 25% to 60%.

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