Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner Dicks Around - Anthony's Sexual Harassment Escapades

So Anthony Weiner is a bit of a prick. A dick. A... wiener. That much is obvious.

What may not be so obvious is that he is also guilty of sexual harassment.

What is even less obvious is why femtards will be ignoring this fact.

"Sexual Harassment," which Susan Brownmiller admits was a made-up offense designed to make femtard protest posters pithy, witty, and memorable, is nevertheless a fake offense (like "domestic violence") that can cost a man just about everything.

I will never forget living through the Clinton impeachment and speaking to a woman who took great offense at the stories of Clinton semi-boinking the interns while biting the lips of more mature visitors and fathering multiracial children thither and yon. When I asked, "What is it that makes you so upset about this?", she replied, "You can't tell me that if this were the CEO of General Electric the feminists would be all over him screaming 'sexual harassment!' 'Sexual harassment!' 'Sexual harassment!'"

And of course, she was right about that. But we have all known forever that hypocrisy and irrationality are the only two things that feminism has in abundant supply. Oh, and grievance. But anyway....

So I have thought about that conversation with that woman a lot over the years, and I think she was right in a way. Feminism is ultimately not about the rights of women - it is about the extension of socialism. When it is convenient to parade for the extension of socialism under the faux banner of "women's rights" or "equality" or "pro-choice" or whatever 2-3 syllables can be taught to the pressing mob of femtards on a particular day, then feminists will do so. When to insist on their principles will hinder the cause of socialism, however, femtards will back off. Because socialism is their ultimate goal. Not "the rights of women."

This, of course, explains why Bill Clinton, who was alleged to have been a rapist, was the exception to the rule of "women never lie about rape." Because if feminists had insisted that "women never lie about rape" during the Clinton impeachment, it would have hindered the cause of socialism. It also explains why Anthony Weiner is getting a pass....

What exactly has Weiner done that ought to have femtards in a tizzy? Glad you asked.

Now let me first clarify a couple of points - I would NEVER deny that femtards are in a tizzy. Somewhere, you can bet your life on it, feminists ARE IN FACT in a tizzy. In fact, the only strategy of feminism is "tizzy." Like Charlie Sheen, feminists have "only one gear" (unless you count lesbian as a gear, then they have two!), and that gear is "tizzy." Bet your boots on it, feminists are, as we speak, in tizzys the world over.

However, they are not, and will not be, in a tizzy over the antics of Anthony Weiner [unless some heinous crime is revealed, at which point he will have forced their hand, no pun intended]. And I honestly do not think that they should be. But the point is, there are certain things that if the average guy (and only guys, because there are, in fact, two sets of rules) had done JUST AS ANTHONY WEINER had done them, he would currently be experiencing the full wrath of the femtard masses.

Let's postulate for a moment that the CEO of General Electric had done exactly what Weiner has done: "flirted" with random chicks on facebook and twitter, emailed them pics of his erect penis, and engaged in phone sex and dirty hotchat on GE's phones and on GE's time.

"Sexual Harassment" is described as "coercion of a sexual nature... includ[ing] a range of behavior from seemingly mild transgressions and annoyances to actual sexual abuse.... [It is] a form of sexual and psychological abuse and bullying."

Click the above graphic to see a list of the types of situations in which sexual harassment may occur [let me once again remind the reader that I fully recognize that sexual harassment is a fake offense - all that I write about it in this article is merely "for the sake of argument"] and the various personality types of sexual harassers.

First note the following:

  • Where a person is in a position of authority or power over another, due to social status, political power, or age, sexual harassment may occur.
  • Even "friends" and "strangers" can commit sexual harassment.
  • "Adverse affects on the target are common."
  • The harasser may be "totally unaware that his behavior is offensive or constitutes sexual harassment."
  • "Private harassers carefully cultivate a restrained and respectable image on the surface, but when alone their behavior changes.
  • "Dominant harassers... engage in harassing behavior as an ego boost."
Now, let's examine the facts of Weiner's case and see how they stack up against the above.

  • One of Weiner's cyberbabes is now being mocked as having been headed for tabloid scandal since her teen years. Other of his cyberchicks have experienced anxiety, nervousness, and discomfort due to the situation that Weiner put them in.
  • Several of the "targets" claim that they are only online friends or that they have, in fact, never met Weiner.
  • Weiner, a Congressman of some political power and influence, was dealing with women aged 21 and 26 and a single mother who is studying in nursing school (as known now), and with another woman who worked full-time as a blackjack dealer in a Las Vegas casino.
  • Weiner's communication with the women was disrespectful, at one point suggesting that he would have sex with one doggy-style while watching TV and classifying her as a mere "distraction," and self-focused, with constant references to his "fat c*ck" or "ridiculous bulge" with requests to show it off.


It doesn't take long to ruminate and determine that Weiner, in fact, has fulfilled ALL of the aspects of sexual harassment (again, a fake concept) that I have reproduced above. He used his political, social, and age "superiority" to fish for the young or otherwise vulnerable, and the fact that he was merely a "friend" or "stranger" to the women and never actually met them is irrelevant. His gutter flirtations had numerous adverse effects upon the women - from immediate embarrassment to propelling them to get out in front of the story to tell their side first to anxiety to nervousness. Likely, Weiner never intended such adverse circumstances to occur to the women, and may be unaware of their discomfort. Yet his treating them as if they were just holes to be filled for his pleasure while he enjoyed TV or mere "distractions" certainly indicate that it is true, as one of the women said of him, that he "has issues." And apparently, one of the issues is that he considers the female to exist primarily for his enjoyment and pleasure - attitudes that in anyone other than a Democrat politician, feminists would be flooding the airwaves with cries of "SEXISM" about even as we speak.

At least he refrained from the Clintonian cigar trick....

His constant focus on the length and girth of his meat, his desire to expose it, and his need for total strangers to pleasure him certainly indicates that his ego was the primary thing in his own mind. How often, relative to the braggadocio about himself, does he compliment the beauty of the women he is flirting with? And certainly, prior to the infamous mis-tweet, Weiner had cultivated the image of a clean, if raucous, man of the people - even a man who was consumed with advancing feminist issues and making the internet safe from sexual predators.

And darlin,' don't worry - if I can't have you, just a few pics I can "jerk off" to. The very thought of a Jewish girl who can give good head just makes me.... OK, enough of that.


Can you see the same fact pattern applied to the CEO of General Electric?

If you can, I ask you, what would feminists be saying and doing, right now???

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