Saturday, October 3, 2009

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Be Aware!

October, as per usual, is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Given that this month is devoted to raising awareness about Domestic Violence (DV), I thought it would be a good time to devote my blog to doing exactly that. What you will be hearing in the media this month is mythology. If you want a genuinely awareness-raising experience, keep reading....

Did you know...?

* The standard of evidence for determining whether Domestic Violence has occurred in most states is not "beyond a reasonable doubt," or even "a preponderance of the evidence," but is, rather, "the subjective fear of the woman?" In other words, if a woman can convince a judge that she is genuinely afraid of... something... then she has met the standard of evidence that will often result in her husband/boyfriend/whatever being carted off to jail, charged with felonies, being thrown out of his house, losing custody of his children, having child support levied against him, having fault principles applied to increase his alimony, and having fault principles applied to the property division in his soon-to-be divorce, regardless of whether the evidence actually shows that he has done anything wrong or not?

* Women often file false charges of Domestic Violence against the men in their lives for leverage in court, because they are neurotic, or to simply enlist the power of the state when they are having conflict with a man.

* It is well-known in the professional community that women routinely lie about Domestic Violence. Policemen know that women lie, but often choose to arrest anyway and, in some states, are required to arrest even if they know the woman is lying under "must arrest" policies. Attorneys admit that women are known to lie at a rate anywhere from 10 times to 30 times higher than the "normal" rate of false reports for all crimes when it comes to rape, domestic violence, abuse, and sexual harassment. Even media outlets have been forced to admit that false DV allegations are out of control. The Domestic Violence Industry (that group of organizations and individuals given to the "manufacture" of Domestic Violence claims) depends upon perjury for an ever-increasing hysteria about Domestic Violence to ensure a constant and increasing flow of federal funds.

* The feminist fixation on Domestic Violence in light of the facts is considered by some to be a hysteria.

* Even Domestic Violence proponents admit that DV is a political crime.

* The founder of the world's first Domestic Violence shelter asserts that DV is a scam that feminism uses to facilitate fundraising.

* Contrary to popular belief, Domestic Violence does NOT equal "assault," "battery," "kidnapping," "rape," "murder," or any other recognizable crimes. Why would a new category (domestic violence) need to be invented for existing crimes (assault, battery, etc.)?

* Domestic Violence equates with "ignoring or minimizing a woman's feelings."

* Domestic Violence occurs when a woman "feels hurt or scared" regardless of whether anyone has done anything to make her legitimately "feel" that way.

* Domestic Violence occurs when someone calls a woman a name, feels jealous about her, or "denies her feelings."

* Domestic Violence occurs when a man "blames a woman for how he feels or acts," but women are encouraged to blame men for how they feel or act in gaining Domestic Violence Protective Orders (i.e., if a woman feels "hurt," "controlled," "neglected," or "afraid" it is because of the man in her life).

* Domestic Violence occurs when a couple conducts their marriage or relationship according to strict gender roles, as do many Protestants, Catholics, and Muslims.

* Domestic Violence occurs BOTH when a man "threatens to leave" a woman AND when he is "clinging" to a woman, obviously placing him in an impossible catch-22.

* Domestic Violence occurs when a man exhibits "unpredictable behavior," but not when a woman is in the throes of PMS.

* Domestic Violence occurs when a man tells his wife she is no longer pretty.

* Domestic Violence occurs both when men "insist on having their way" and when the fail to give in to women who insist on having them their way! Obviously, any situation other than a woman running the show is Domestic Violence.

* Attorney admits, Domestic Violence is "whatever a man does that a woman doesn't like."

* Men have been found to have engaged in Domestic Violence when they had never even met their accuser.

* The Violence Against Women Act (the federal statute that produced the Domestic Violence Industry) encourages states to revise their laws to allow for the filing of criminal charges based on the unsubstantiated allegations in a Domestic Violence complaint alone.

* False Domestic Violence allegations drain $20 billion a year out of the economy.

* David Letterman, Shawne Merriman, and Vanilla Ice have all been the victims of false allegations of Domestic Violence.

* The Domestic Violence Industry is built upon the perjury of plaintiffs and on spreading lies in the media - both the statistics that DV proponents use and the anecdotal evidence (like the famous "Super Bowl Sunday is the most dangerous day for women" myth) have been proven to have been false.

* Women admit that Women's Shelters encourage them to lie about Domestic Violence as a means of getting custody, property, alimony, or "leveling the playing field" in court when a woman is guilty of some wrongdoing in a marriage or relationship.

* Women admit that Women's Shelters coach them in how to fabricate evidence of Domestic Violence for use in court.

* The Domestic Violence Industry and False Allegations of Domestic Violence are tools used by radical feminists who are hostile to the family because the destruction of the nuclear family is seen as being necessary for the accomplishing of feminism's goals.

Most people don't know it, and you will not hear it from any of the major media outlets who will be pimping the Domestic Violence Hysteria during October, but to the extent that violence within the family is a problem, women are primarily guilty for its spread.

* Both ABC News and a social scientists have noted that women commit spousal abuse more than men.

* Women are more likely to initiate spousal abuse than are men.

* Women are the sole perpetrator of spousal abuse 70% of the time.

* Women commit 58% of all child abuse.

* Mothers are 25 times more likely to kill children than are fathers.

* Women commit 78% of all fatal child abuse.

Your awareness has now officially been raised. You now know more truth about Domestic Violence than any of the folks who will be warbling on about it on television, at community events, and in newspapers for the next 30 days.

So remember, when a women's shelter or other representative of the Domestic Violence Industry hits you up for money, blankets, or cell phones this month, think long and hard about the real victims of Domestic Violence - the men who have been slandered and the children who have been placed in the most dangerous place on earth for a child to live (the home of a single mother in the West) - and tell them that, because you are aware of the truth about DV, you won't ever be donating again.

And remember these facts the next time you are called to serve on a jury....


  1. Yet no month is set aside to honor and protect the unborn from slaughter by these very same femtards. Pathetic.

  2. You make a point that is extremely disturbing, and demonstrates what self-centered barbarians feminists are: they make a big production out of ginned up false allegations of violence, but care nothing about the innocent, defenseless, and weak being torn limb from limb 4,000 times a day.

    Feminism is the most perverse philosophy in the history of mankind, and all feminists are immoral merely by virtue of their identifying with that philosophy.

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  4. I have gone though the same as printed above and the catch is the woman who used the criminal court system has interacted and also dissagreed with objectifychicks used the hateful female backlash against objectififychicks on me Although a very scary ( must arrest policies in some states ) it's shockingly 100% realistic! Though informative,these now know facts is useless in protecting the falsely accused men still imprisoned today. The awareness of this nonstop loco-ulterior-motive will continued to be ignored for the sake of (feminist)and (state)profitteering. The damage to a man is not as important as possible state bail money (income) and/or the personna of the state protecting a possible scorned NOT scarced female.

  5. Michael Brown - please go to the homepage of Objectify Chicks!, look near the top in the right hand corner, and see a link to Click through on the link and register the woman who did this to you, name her by name, and post her crime of false allegation for all the world to see. It is time that the REAL criminals have a price to pay and a load to carry for their crimes.