Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women Don't Lie About Rape - Chapter 4762

Women do not lie about rape. We all know that because the feminists have told us that it is so.

And if a woman ever lies about rape, she is a liar, but not because she lied about rape. Rather, she is a liar because she lied about lying about rape. For the one thing that we know (because feminists have told us so!) is that women do not lie about rape. We have yet to receive a similar memo on whether women lie about lying.

Women, of course, know that there is far too high a social cost to lying about rape. For instance, they might be charged with a crime. Oh, wait.... Well, anyway, everybody immediately blames her for being raped, like in the Duke Lacrosse and Hofstra cases. Oh, waitaminnit.... Well, of course, her sexual history is then explored.... Dang! Duke Lacrosse again!

Well, at any rate, women have no reason to lie about rape. I mean, it's not like they would lie about rape to try to extort money from somebody. And a woman would never lie to make a political point. And a woman would never lie to simply be vindictive. And no woman is vile enough to make stuff up during a custody battle, divorce, or similar legal proceeding. And of course, women are so morally evolved that they would never even think of lying about rape in order to excuse their own questionable behavior. And of course, it is the height of misogyny to believe that a woman might level charges that could expose an innocent man to dozens of years in prison merely to get something as worthless as, oh, say, a day off from work?

Well, now we can add one more reason why a woman would have no reason to lie about rape: to get her own sorry rear out of trouble!

Turns out a 15-year old in the Carrick section of Pittsburgh, PA, recently told cops that some loathsome figures had kidnapped her, spirited her away in the back of a van, and raped her in the privacy of the woods.

Is this the part where we add the obligatory "she feared for her life!"???

The truth?

Our repugnant little minor had been feuding with ol' Mom and Dad. She took off, no doubt thinking, "I'll show THEM a thing or two!" But when she realized she didn't have a job, didn't have a place to live, her various boyfriends' parents might not take her in, and no offers to be CEO of major corporations (or even to teach Women's Studies at Yale! the utter inhumanity!) were incoming, she decided it might be a good idea to make her way back home.

Problem: How to avoid being grounded until 2015?

Ahhhhh! I know, I'll become a victim!

For, being a public school student (no doubt), our repugnant little minor has long ago learned the central issue of all of feminism: victims are not responsible for their actions, and therefore cannot be punished!

And who best fits this profile?

Crystal Gail Mangum... Danmell Ndonye... you get the idea. When a woman makes a false allegation of rape, domestic violence, abuse, or sexual harassment, she is not a perpetrator of the crime of perjury, she is a victim. Someone to be pitied and treated, not punished. A false allegation of rape is a free pass out of whatever trouble may be ailing you!

Our children have learned well the lessons of feminism. And feminism has successfully enabled those who are willing to slanderously destroy others for even the smallest of rewards. You shouldn't have to suffer being grounded, punished, disciplined, or corrected honey - just slander and you can have your way.

If she were my kid, she'd be grounded till 2015....


  1. If it is established that a woman has lied, or fabricated evidence in a rape accusation, as opposed to merely not having sufficient proof......then that women should be given the death penalty. That is my view and I'd personally pull that lever......and sleep well.

  2. I think part of the problem with feminists is, rather than accept than some women lie about rape, they should treat every woman like a victim. They fear that everyone will assume that every woman that tries to seek justice for rape is a liar. And that's not the full truth either. People that hate women that lie about rape (SANE people) don't do it under the assumption that,"All women must be liars now!" It's a matter of making sure these crazy bitches don't take advantage of a JUSTICE system. That means fariness. That doesn't mean throw every man in jail.

    According to statistics, although we can never be sure of them, false reporting for rape is about the same for every other crime.

    Women who lie about rape should be punished as any who lies about a crime (except worse, because the punishment for rape can be worse than most crimes, like petty theft, for example). It's FRAUD.

    But, most importantly, remember that for every woman who lies about sexual assault, there's at least another who's afraid to tell anyone or seek justice. And that, in itself, is a crime.

    Not to mention how hard rape is to prove. I mean, think about practical court evidence. The presence of his semen? Well, that could occur from consensual sex. Bruises and cuts? Same thing. Or from falls. Unless someone where there to witness what happened, or the direct aftermath of it, there isn't much evidence. (Unless he sends incriminating texts/emails/etc afterwards, and even still)

  3. Brightstormyday -

    While I appreciate your comment in its entirety, there is one aspect of your comment that is unfactual and needs to be corrected: It is manifestly NOT true that the rate of false reporting of rape (or sexual harassment, or domestic violence, or abuse) is similar to the rate of false reporting for other crimes.

    You can easily read other articles on this blog to see the evidence of that, but I recommend checking out the CrimLawProf blog and read through the comments.


    Also, see this article estimating that half of all rape allegations are false:


    Common estimates by organizations such as the FBI estimate false reporting for all crimes at approximately 2%-4%. With that being the case, one has to honestly ask one's self what is wrong when feminist-favored allegations (rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, abuse) potentially exceed 50% false reports.

  4. "...then that women should be given the death penalty. That is my view and I'd personally pull that lever......and sleep well"

    Yes. She should. Recently a young has lied to law enforcement, and has told them that my brother raped her. She is not only screwing up someone's life, she is wasting the precious time of a lawyer who could be somewhere solving and investigating a real crime!