Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feminism + Psychology = Hate

I recently demonstrated that Feminism is, all by itself, a mental disorder. In continuing to read on this subject, I have run across an article by yet another mental health professional on the general topic - though this article has a slightly different emphasis: his assertion is that the very field of psychology, psychiatry, social work, and counseling is imbued with a severe sexism - born of adherence to radical feminism - that is destructive to its clientele.

Paul Elam, in an article titled The Psychology of Hate, writes (in part):

Years back, in another life, I used to teach at seminars and conferences that provided continuing education units for professional re-certification.

In one particular module, I used a portable grease board in a room in front of my waiting audience. Without introducing myself or saying anything else, I used a grease pen to write the words “Men are…” at the top of the board, and then silently invited the audience to finish the sentence.

Almost invariably, “pigs” or “dogs” was the first offering, accompanied by a room full of good-natured chuckles. I would nod my head and write it down on the board and return to the audience, still silent, for more.

“Controlling,” says one. “Afraid of commitment,” says another. “Aggressive.” “Macho“ “Afraid of intimacy.” “Violent.” “Sexist,” and “Power hungry.” More of the pejoratives, and almost only pejoratives, would come from the audience till the board was full.

I then flipped the board to the other side.

“Women are…” was the cue, and the answers were even more rapid fire than they were with men.

“Strong.” “Capable” “Empowered” “Sensitive.” “Nurturing,” and the like would fly from the audience to the grease board like a barrage of arrows, till that side too was full.

“What do you imagine,” I would ask, taking a strategic pause for a sip of water, “that these answers tell us about the real nature of sexism in the way we view men and women?”

Asking them a question with actual spoken words must have thrown them for a loop, because the stock response to that question was almost invariably a room full of nonplussed, cognitively dissonant faces. And that confusion usually gave way to irritation, clearly at me, though every answer on both sides of that board had come from them.

And by the way, the participants in the crowd? They weren’t accountants or nurses or teachers or financial advisors.

They were mental health professionals.

Counselors, psychotherapists, social workers and the lot. The very people we love to imagine possess the objectivity to rise above the mindset of bigotry and sexism. And the people, despite our want of faith in their work, least likely to actually do it.

I wanted a little more pressure so I asked more questions. “How could this affect our therapeutic alliance with clients?- Could it make our relationships with females enabling?- Punitive with men?” And always, the final question I asked was “Do we carry sexism, against men, unconscious or conscious, into our work with each and every client?”

With that question the anger usually intensified.

In one talk, a female participant, a social worker, jumped out of her chair and threw her papers everywhere. “You’re the sexist!” she hissed at me, and stormed out of the room. She later wrote letters of complaint both about my topic and the fact I would not sign off on her attendance.

Welcome to the wacky world of mental health....

This article really needs no comment by me. Click the link above to read the entirety of the article (it will be the best 20 minutes you spend this week).


  1. Just proves that marriage couseling is a scam to justify the wife's decision to leave.

  2. Alkibiades:

    Indeed... as is the Domestic Violence Industry. Feminists hate, more than anything else, the intact family, because it is the living, breathing illustration of the male's love, authority, strength, and goodness. And the feminist will do whatever is needed to destroy that place of safety and refuge and thus produce more embittered, neurotic women to fill the ranks of feminism in the future....

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  4. When I read this I couldn't stop laughing, you would think he was doing this with high school students , but to find out he was actually speaking to grown women who're supposed to be unbiased in their careers, priceless.

  5. i agree, another feminist scam. 50 million americans have paid the ultimate price for feminism-with their lives, in the abortion chambers. I for one think it's time their free ride came to a violent end. I'm their worst nightmare-a real woman with a shotgun.

  6. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Creating Power