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Women Don't Lie About Rape Chapter 1736 - Rick Pitino

Karen Sypher - the face of evil; feminist icon

The sickness that is the Jezebel psyche - that malpsychia that feminism attempts to not only teach but to normalize - that mercenary, immoral, slandering, indeed, Satanic mindset that seeks to transform female seduction into hard, cold, CA$H - has perhaps never been quite so plainly displayed as in the case of one Karen Sypher.

Feminists, of course, assure us that women don't lie about rape! Oh, no! Why, the social stigma and the shame and the psychological trauma and [insert breathless, depression-inciting mishap of your choice here] simply PRECLUDE as a matter of course the idea that women would EVER lie about rape.

Well, yeah, OK, the Feminist assures us when we mention "Duke Lacrosse," sure women lie about rape, but only at the same rate that all other crimes are lied about. I mean, there are gonna be false reports, after all. Just like property crimes. Yeah, that's it - property crimes. So if people lie about getting their tires stolen or getting scammed by telemarketers at a rate of 2%-4%, then that is about right for rape as well! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Of course, there are reasons why false reports of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and abuse MIGHT be much higher, the enlightened citizen replies to the feminist. First of all, for property crimes there is usually some evidence of a crime - it isn't he said/she said. In other words, one would be loathe to report the theft of one's tires with four new Goodyears on one's SUV. And one would certainly produce an empty passbook savings account for cops when one complains of a sociopathic telemarketer, no? But what is the evidence of rape, domestic violence (and note here that "domestic violence" is not to be equated with "assault" or "battery"), sexual harassment, or abuse? Merely the claim that someone has committed it.

Secondly, in all claims that I might make as an alleged crime victim, the person accused enters the courtroom with the presumption of innocence. This is normally not the case in cases involving allegations of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, or abuse. Rather, in any of these instances in which a woman accuses a man in the modern Western legal system, there is a presumption of guilt on the part of the accused - the trial is not to determine whether he is guilty, it is rather to determine whether he is innocent. What else do you think that femtards mean when they say, "Always believe the victim?" [Susan Murphy-Milano states it well in her book, reviewed here, when she says: "be supportive.... Believe her. Don't say 'That's impossible' or 'I find what you are telling me hard to believe.'"]

And happily, for the pond slime that comprise the feminist movement, it seems that many police have internalized this concept. The charging officer in another false rape case responded to questions of whether he believed the false accuser in spite of her incredible, inconsistent, unsubstantiated, and outright mutually exclusive claims (during the 15 months it took the false accuser and the charging officer to work up the allegations!) with,

"It's incumbent upon us to believe what the complainant tells us.... It's a matter of support. They're vulnerable."

But those who deal with rape cases - lawyers and judges - in fact estimate that anywhere from 40% to 60% of rape claims are false.

It is a good thing that feminists happened along to "educate" us on the extreme unlikelihood of women lying about rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, or abuse. I mean, in all honesty, they do have a point: What possible motivation could a woman have? Money? Revenge? Power? Getting herself out of trouble? Surely no woman is so morally fallen as to use seduction and slander in an attempt to ruin the lives of the perfectly innocent merely to grab at such mundane, temporal wares?

Enter Karen Sypher, the wife of the Louisville Cardinals' basketball team's equipment manager Tim Sypher. A 49-year old stunner, Sypher seduced the college basketball team's coach, Rick Pitino - former coach of the New York Knicks and college basketball legend, having coached both the Kentucky Wildcats and now, their in-state rivals, the Louisville Cardinals.

Well, these things happen. Let's not be too judgmental.

Act 2 of this drama, however, starts to get gnarly - and not in the "valley girl" sense of the term. Sypher contacts Pitino claiming to be pregnant - and he fronts $3,000 for an abortion.

That figure struck me. After making a few calls around, I discovered that the most expensive pricetag for an abortion procedure I could come up with was about $700. Odd....

Later, Karen's jealous hubby Tim approaches Pitino. You can almost anticipate what happens next, right? Louisville headlines screech: "JEALOUS HUBBY MURDERS CARDINALS COACH! COPS SAY, 'WE DON'T BLAME HIM!'"

But, no. See, Tim wasn't jealous of his wife's, uhhhhhh, charms. Rather, he seems to have been jealous of Pitino's money. Tim Sypher, the equipment manager of the Louisville Cardinals, approaches his world-famous boss with a list of demands. [On this point, I should mention both that the police have not charged Tim Sypher yet, and that he seems to be in the process of de-Karen Syphering himself. There may be more to this aspect of the story than immediately meets the eye.]

Oddly, none of the demands were "Keep your hands off my wife, you oaf!" Rather, the demands were for free college tuition for the Sypher's four kids, $3,000 a month in recurring payments, and money to pay off the couple's mortgage. All told, the value of the demands could have exceeded $10 million, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors, you say? Yes, I said prosecutors. Because Pitino ratted the Syphers out, and in May, 2009, Karen Sypher was indicted for attempting to blackmail Pitino for in excess of $10 million.

So two months later, guess what happened? Sypher decides that she has been raped. Twice. Once in a restaurant with a witness nearby willing to testify that there was consensual sex (Did I mention that she FORGOT to mention this witness to the cops when she filed the charges?) and once on an evening when Pitino was actually in California.

Police say that, as of this moment, they will decline to file charges.

On the odd timing of Sypher's rape claims, USAToday reports:

"The more information I gather, the worse it looks for you," [Investigating Sgt. Andy] Abbott told Sypher during a July 13 phone interview, according to a transcript of the call.

Commonwealth's Attorney David Stengel announced in July, after reviewing a videotape of the interviews, that he wouldn't prosecute the case because Sypher's claims were void of credibility and lacked any supporting evidence.

During one interview, Abbott asked Sypher why she didn't report the alleged crimes when they allegedly occurred, and why she waited until after she was charged with extortion to finally report them.

Transcripts of the interviews show she offered varying responses to the first question, saying first that she wanted to forget about what happened, then that Pitino threatened her, and finally that "they kept throwing me crumbs to keep me happy." But she couldn't say what those were.

Abbott asked Sypher in the interview why she was coming forward now, only after she was charged.

"Because … where we are, it seems like retaliation," Abbott said.

"I know it does," Sypher responded.

So there you have it - everything that sensible people (i.e., non-feminists) have been saying about the flood of false rape allegations enabled and encouraged by feminism for 30 years. Women DO lie about rape. They do it for many reasons, including money, power, and vengeance, or to get themselves out of a hole (to name only the few reasons illustrated in this ONE story). And normally, the so-called criminal justice system enables them in doing it.

But if you are as famous and as beloved as Rick Pitino, with all of his millions, and happen to have been a continent away on the night you were accused of raping someone, sometimes you can escape having false charges taken seriously (though not always - see Tucker Carlson's story).

That's not much encouragement for the poor divorced plumber who sleeps at home, alone (and therefore without an alibi), and barely leaves his hometown, though. So I wonder if the fact that Pitino was not charged represents progress - or is it just an aberration?

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