Friday, April 24, 2009

What I Learned From a Feminist at FREE REPUBLIC

You hear things again and again, and their significance never really quite dawns on you.

Then one day you hear them and you see the multitudinous angles from which the statements that you have been hearing for years have just been wrong.

I have often likened feminists to Jehovah's Witnesses (without the attendant morality, of course). Both camps are essentially taught to argue defensively, giving trite answers to common questions, but if you ever stop to examine what they are saying, or ask just one further question, their entire logical edifice comes crashing down around their collective ears.

I once posted an article on Free Republic about false allegations. A typical whiney feminist pops up and begins to assert the normal feminist drivel: "women are afraid to report rapes because of the social consequences." "Men are abusers." "Men cover up for their buds." "Who do women have confidence that they can complain to?" And so as we were going round and round about various feminist irrelevancies, she posted this, and I quote:

"As only 10% of rapes are ever reported, there can be no valid % of false reports...

Given the unknown total of rapes...

The same goes for domestic violence."

And it hit me. I have heard this illogical hardscrabble a million times. I have listened with frustration and amazement at the irrelevance of it all, and the utter stupidity of it all, a million times. After all, how can anybody know how many rapes ARE NOT reported?

But then it hit me.

It hit me what is REALLY wrong with this statement that I have heard a million times from a half million different intellectually vacant minds spouting feminism.

1) These statements, taken together in context, are vicious. They are immoral because the implication of the statements, within a larger conversation about false allegations, is this: "It doesn't matter how many men are falsely accused because there are so many men who never get accused." The morality of the feminist soul is so lacking that they consider themselves to be approaching a rough approximation of justice if they are simply able to imprison MEN, regardless of whether or not they are guilty, on behalf of all the men who never were (perhaps) rightly accused and imprisoned.

That a woman is comfortable with a way of looking at the world in which the imprisonment of the innocent as a recompense for the non-imprisonment of the guilty reveals a streak of moral viciousness that is incompatible with anything other than the most hardened sociopath.

2) These statements are irrational. These statements display the tendency of those who know that they are wrong to cloud whatever issue is on the table by not only attempting to play BOTH sides against the middle, but attempting to play EVERY side against the middle. Instead of trying to have it both ways, feminists want to have it every which way....

For instance, the psycho-feminist poster asserts that "only 10% of all rapes are ever reported." OK. Despite that being a statistically dubious conclusion (though one that I have heard repeatedly), let's work with that. If I go to some objective source, like FBI crime statistics or what have you, and I learn that (for the sake of argument) there were One Million reported rapes last year (I have no idea the actual number), is it not relatively easy, given the number of reported rapes and the certain knowledge that this number represents only 10% of the total, to divine how many actual rapes there have been?

Yet invariably, the same feminist who tells you that the total number of reported rapes represents only X% of the total, will at some point also allege, as did the above-quoted mental midget, "The total number of rapes is unknown."

Well, if the total number is unknown, whence cometh our certainty that 90% are unreported? And if I know, and teach, that 10% are all that is reported, how can I, with a straight face, assert "The total number of rapes is unknown"?

I call this irrationality because I am being generous. But in fact, it is lying. Feminists quote statistics not because they are a reflection of serious scholarship or observation or of logic, but because they are convenient, and because spouting statistics gives the illusion of serious scholarship or observation or of logic. In other words, the fact is that feminists are liars, and are comfortable enough with it to perpetrate their easily-examined lies in the public arena.

3) These statements reveal an excessive distrust in the veracity of women as a group. I have often stated that the last sexists in the world were feminists and their intellectual (sic) fellow travelers. However, these statements reveal that feminists hate women just as much as they hate men.

Follow my logic:

Within the larger context of a discussion on false allegations, the mentally-challenged poster quoted above defends the current femmefascist system of false allegations with the statement that no undue concern is necessary for the falsely accused because 1) 90% of actually guilty men go unaccused and 2) Nobody knows the total number that we are dealing with anyway.


You may have to follow this closely.

But the entire discussion revolved around an assertion by me that 30%-50% of all allegations of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and abuse, were false.

Based on several quoted studies, the femmefascist did not argue with this statistic, but rather began the "Woe is me! Women are afraid to report! Who can we turn to for help! Nobody knows how many rapes there are! But only 10% are ever reported!"

OK, let's work with both sets of statistics here, assuming both are true. Let's work with a theoretical number that I am going to call "discernible rapes." This is my term, and I made it up just now - it means this: all "rapes," actual and falsely alleged, reported and unreported, in a given jurisdiction. It means everything that a person might think of when they think of rapes: actual reported rapes, false allegations, and real rapes that are never reported. We will combine all of these to get our figure of "discernible rapes."

Let's assume that the total number of "discernible rapes" (not reported, again, we are making numbers up here) in a district are 100.

Plugging in our statistics: The femmefascist asserts that of these 100, only 10 will be reported.

Objective studies indicate that 30%-50% of all reports are false, however.

So of the reports, let's say that 5 are genuine and 5 are false allegations.

Now, 90 actual (?) rapes went unreported.

Out of 95 actual (?) rapes, only 5 were reported, while 90 went unreported.

Out of 10 reports, only 5 were genuine, while 5 were false.

The inescapable conclusion? Women are more likely to file a false report of rape than a true report of rape.

That the femmefascist is comfortable with this way of looking at the world demonstrates the extremely low opinion that feminists have of women as a group.

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