Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do Feminists Care About Equal Rights?

It is commonly asserted that feminism is simply about securing equal rights for women. That sounds an awful lot like "feminism wants the same rights for women as men already possess," doesn't it? But if "the same rights as men" is the standard of equality, then the answer is, No, feminists do not care about men's rights, in the same way that assassins do not lobby in behalf of the rights of politicians.

While it is a common mis-assertion that feminism is about "equality," this is the Goebbels-like lie that makes it easier to swallow the unpleasant truth: feminism exists to procure superior rights for women at the expense of men, children, other women, and indeed, of society itself.

The inarguably false assertion that feminism is "all about equality" has been made even in response to this question itself. However, feminism's PURPOSE is more accurately revealed in its GOALS than in its deceptive political speech. And what are the goals of feminism?

1) Feminism glorifies the autonomy of the individual woman to the extent that it even romanticizes the irresponsibility of women. The wedding vows of women are worth nothing in the feminist mind. The responsibility of women toward their own children is irrelevant if said responsibility infringes on the autonomy of a woman in any way. Even the stability of society itself is not to be valued if such stability depends on the subjective, perceived "happiness" of any individual woman.

2) Feminism wants women to earn the same wages as men without turning in the same performance as men. Because women work less time than men (for a variety of reasons, ranging from starting work later, to taking time off for sickness and pregnancy, to voluntarily taking time off for child care, etc.), the average woman at age 35 has worked a full 10 years less than men who are her peers at age 35. Yet feminists want all 35-year olds employed in similar occupations to make the same money, in spite of the fact that women bring much less experience, generally fewer accomplishments, and such risks as pregnancy or moving to the table.

3) Feminism says that women are equally capable as men in all traditionally-male professions, then lobbies to have entrance and promotional requirements lowered so that more women can be hired and promoted in law enforcement, fire departments, and the military.

4) Feminism says that women should have the RIGHT to fight on the front lines in the military, without having the OBLIGATION to do so - an option not available to male soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

5) Feminism says that women are equally as strong as men intellectually and emotionally, then claims that women are victims of "domestic violence" if a woman's feelings are not duly regarded by her husband and that women are victims of "sexual harrassment" if they happen to spot a bikini calendar in the workplace.

6) Feminism, while vocally maintaining that men and women are equal, in fact, considers women to be more equal than men. Feminism argues that women are morally superior to men and have propagandized the legal system to hold that women are the superior parent and that women never lie about rape, domestic violence, sexual harrassment, and child abuse, although the evidence suggests that women lie about such matters a majority of the time.

The fact is, feminists realize that feminists (not women) are NOT equal with men, and they despise men for being able to stand on their own, resist the government, lead families, and blaze moral, entrepreneurial, and artistic trails for all the world. Feminists (not women) resent the obvious superiority of men (over feminists - not women) and have banded together out of hatred to harness the power of government to harm men - a concept rightly classified as "misandry."

No feminist anywhere can give an example in which feminism has actually LOBBIED for anything approaching "equality." While the mouths of feminists are filled with empty, meaningless sloganeering such as "equality" and "empowerment," the fact is that all of the ACTIONS of feminists are directed toward securing superior rights for women, regardless of the irresponsibility and immorality of the individual women involved.

Any talk of "equality" among feminists is misdirection. Don't listen to their words - watch their hands!

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  1. Excellent and timely post, considering their latest meme detracting from the real issues is their 'war on women Limbaugh called me a slut because I'm a priveleged Georgetwon student whose really a 30 year old paid activist who can only score taxpayer funded birth control if I play the victim' full frontal assault on our intelligence (and their already nonexistent) credibility.