Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Be A Feminist....

To be a feminist, one must believe the following:

* Murder of the innocent unborn is good, and false allegations levied against innocent men are good, but the prosecution of Crystal Gail Mangum would be a setback for women's rights.

* Women are capable of doing anything that men can do, therefore standards must be lowered in Business School, Law School, Medical School, the military, police departments, and fire departments so that more women can be allowed to do what men are already doing.

* Women never lie about rape, but when they do, they should not face any consequences lest some other woman be discouraged from also lying about rape.

* Feminists respect diversity, unless a woman chooses to be an Evangelical Christian and a stay-at-home mom, in which case she is to be ridiculed.

* Feminists are righteous for insisting on the easy availability of sex for unmarried women, and men are goons for treating women like objectifiable sex objects.

* Women are enslaved by their dependence upon a husband for income and protection, but are set free by their dependence upon government for income and protection.

* The male patriarchy oppresses women, which is why ex-husbands must be exploited for child support and alimony under threat of governmental force.

* Women are capable of fighting in combat, but must be protected from a "hostile work environment" produced by bikini calendars.

* Women are capable of leading the world as President of the U.S., but are victims of "domestic violence" if a man fails to "properly regard their feelings."

* Men and women are the same, except that women never lie, are more nurturing, are more peaceful, are better communicators, and have an intuition that can be trusted in everything from workplace politics to international relations. However, men and women are the same - except where women are superior.

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