Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Feminism Corrupts Women

A lot of men today are seeking to find wives outside of the United States. There is a widespread perception that Asian and Eastern European women are better life mates because they have not been polluted with the false philosophy of feminism.

Let's put that idea to the test, shall we?

It appears that, in fact, feminism DOES corrupt women, and that those least touched by feminism make the best mates!



  1. get an education.

  2. Thank you for that substantive, witty, and engaging critique.

    That Master's Degree in Women's Studies is serving you well!

  3. Women in the west are the most dishonest, self-pitying, whining, neurotic, selfish people who ever walked the face of the earth. No wonder we have such a problem with false rape accusations. And western men are the biggest wimps who ever lived.

  4. The post above this one says it all with regard to the nature of feminism.

    As the 19th-century philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote in his book "Ecce Homo", female emancipation is the instinctive hatred of the woman who has turned out ill (is a lesbian, undersexed, unmaternal, ugly, etc.)