Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Are Women So Focused on Being Equal with Men?

More in the continuing series, Answers for Femtards....


Q: Why do women focus so much on equality with men?

A: This is an excellent question, and points to a great deal of insight on your part.

Women seek "equal rights" (which must be translated, as it has nothing to do with equality - "equal rights" to a feminist means "preferable outcome") because they are very much aware, from the time that they are small until they graduate with their Master's Degree [sic] in Women's Studies, that they are very much INFERIOR to men.

For instance, what kind of moron would warble on about how men and women are equal enough to do the job of a lawyer or doctor, and then demand that law schools and medical schools LOWER standards of admission specifically so that more women can be included in the respective classes, unless they were very much aware that women could NOT compete on a level playing field - an implicit admission that women are inferior to men?

The person who knows that they are inferior will 1) continually deny their inferiority and 2) seek to get preferential treatment so that they can have some of the social baubles that their inferiority has denied them.

When you realize that feminists understand the inferiority of women, the inconsistencies of it as a political philosophy all of a sudden make perfect sense!

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