Monday, March 7, 2011

The Truth About Women Who Have Been Influenced by Feminism

Excuse the pidgin English of the question below, but remember, it was written by a woman....


Question: What is it about Asian women that makes men [mostly white men], wanting to be with them?

It is not so much the LOOK of Asian women that makes them popular with men (though many are beautiful). It is rather the demeanor, attitude, and values of Asian women that make them popular with adult males.

American women are worthless. They are fat, ignorant, self-absorbed, and sexually unskilled. They are so stonehearted that they have been murdering their unborn at the rate of 4,000 innocents a day for 30 years. They are psychologically unstable, romantically unreliable, and more prone than not to use the legal system as a weapon to merely get their way. American women are brash, obnoxious, loud, and irrational - and that is on their very best days.

And as to looks... when did you last hear an Asian woman talk about "comfortable shoes" or note that she didn't "believe in makeup?"

Asian women are (largely) diminutive, petite, and feminine. They are quiet and submissive, and have genuine values (whether or not Westerners would agree with them all) from having been reared in a Confucian environment. They are devoted to their family, and recognize that sexual skill is a necessary part of being a woman. They recognize that their primary loyalty is to their husband and do not have the "party" attitude of young American women. They are clean, manageable, marriageable, and sane. These are the reasons why Asian women are popular among adult males.

And I know that, during the time that I spent in Asia, I was greatly encouraged to find that the average Asian woman wholly rejects feminist philosophy, which is a short way of saying everything I wrote above.

I am married to an American woman who is beautiful, sexually skilled, a good wife and mother, and quiet and submissive. She is a real jewel. However, I had such a hard time finding a woman like her among all the aspiring female linebackers that typify the American female population, that if anything every happened to her, I would actively seek an Asian wife.

Along this line, it is important to recognize that the femtard interest in Western men's attraction to foreign women has nothing to do with their purported concern for "human trafficking." Femtard attempts to criminalize foreign matchmaking services and the ease with which foreign wives can obtain visas is rather an attempt to squelch competition from real women (which Western, femtard women are NOT) so that Western men are forced to settle for the screeching, obnoxious, and fat-laden banshees of the femtard left.

Even feminists, who generally are complete and utter fools, have enough sense to realize that the only way that a man would choose to marry or be involved with a femtard is if they had no other choice.


  1. Hmmm - just a warning, I am hearing from friends that the "feminist" virus is actually starting to hit various asian countries.

    example - most of my friends that have hooked up with chinese or japanese women are now telling me to stay the hell away from women from those countries...

    Few friends sure - perhaps a fluke - but I have been getting told that.

  2. seriously, these femtards have infected many of the asian countries as well. just look at singapore and hong kong! the women there are just more adapt at lying, so you won't know what hits you

  3. I was in Asia about 5 years ago, and I will stick by what I have written based on my own personal experience. But I don't think there is any doubt that feminism makes inroads (it had even in the part of Asia that I was in, but most of the women I knew considered feminists to be "odd" or "lesbians"), and things may be changing. I can say incontrovertibly that Asian women, based on my experience and as a whole, are better than Western women by an exponential factor. However, your results may vary, and take the warnings of the two above posters seriously.