Friday, March 11, 2011

Why are Chicks so Bitchy?

More in the series, "ObjectifyChicks! answers femtard questions...."


Q: Do you think men, for the most part, are friendlier than women?
My job involves customer service, and I've noticed such a huge difference in how men typically behave compared to the behaviour of women. Men tend to have fewer complaints than women. And if they do have an issue with something, they are much friendlier about it. Even when there's no problems, men tend to smile much more than women do. Alright, so I understand if they're having a bad day, but they don't have to frown at everyone because of it. So, has anyone else noticed the same thing as me? Do you think men are usually friendlier? I think men are more laid back, and don't cause a fuss as easily as women do.

A: Your observation is correct, and is well known to be true in customer service and sales circles.

Our feminist culture brainwashes women into believing that they must be "assertive" because if they are not, people will take advantage of them. Further, feminists are encouraged to think of themselves as victims of everything on earth. Further, feminists encourage women to respond to everything in life by sloganeering, shouting, demonstrating, and generally having a bad attitude.

As our culture becomes more and more influenced by femtards, you will tend to see the intensity of the anger, alienation, and social dysfunction increase.

Men, on the other hand, are real people and because of their team perspective (as opposed to the self-absorption encouraged in women by feminism) ingrained in them by years of sports participation, the military, and business endeavors (real businesses, not femtard nonprofits) know that working with others collaboratively and giving others the benefit of the doubt and assuming that others are responsible is the best way to solve problems.

It is important to note that the behavior you describe is NOT inherent to women, but is rather inherent to feminism - and the more influence feminism has the more this type of maladaptive behavior spreads.


  1. Why? Misery loves company, and they can't play the victim until they manufacture some 'oppression' first. When that fails, run back to the hive mind for validation and attagirls. What a pathetic way to live. Empowered, my ass.

  2. Why are chicks so bitchy?

    Because they can be...

    That's just like the time honored question:

    Why do dog's lick their own nuts?

    Because they can.