Thursday, April 29, 2010

Face of Feminism: Linzi Gorman, False Rape Slanderer

Get drunk: Check!

Bang a couple of strangers in the bushes at the park: Check!

Feel regret or fear: Check!

Make up story about being raped: Check!

Send police on witch hunt: Check!

Allow innocents to be arrested and charged: Check!

Hey Femtards! How's that whole "women don't lie about rape" thingy workin' out for ya?

This story originally appeared in the Belfast Telegraph:

Face of a rape liar

Sunday, 25 April 2010

[No author given]

This is the drunken liar whose false rape claim almost wrecked the life of a grammar school pupil.

Lying Lindsay Gorman, known as Linzi, sparked a huge manhunt when she told police she had been sexually assaulted late at night in Belfast's Botanic Gardens in April 2008.

The 20-year-old from the plush Walnut Hollow area of Larne had, in fact, had drunken consensual sex with two different men in bushes at the park.

But detectives believed her pack of lies and a short time later arrested Campbell College student Mark McLean.

In June 2008, the innocent 18-year-old from east Belfast appeared in court charged with rape.

He was freed on £3,500 bail after being forced to stand handcuffed in the dock while a lawyer publicly accused him of being a sex offender.

A detective, fooled by Linzi's lies, even told the court that police had forensic evidence linking Mark to a “high-profile stranger rape”.

Three weeks later later bed-hopping Linzi went to Newtownabbey PSNI station and admitted she made a false rape claim.


  1. "Allow innocents to be arrested..." not so innocent. So who's the father of the pending abortion?

  2. I see your point about "innocence."

    I guess my point is that the guys in question were *innocent of a crime,* but your moral point is valid as well.

    Nevertheless, I don't think people should be charged with crimes over what are merely (?) moral failings.

    Good thoughtful point, though.

  3. Sounds like the Anne-Marie Hackett case in Hertfordshire 2004. Shall we ask D.S 501 Lawrence about trying to fit up an innocent man? Oh, a Ms Doherty in Bessbrook is being had up by the RUC/PSNI for false rape.
    Guys. Accused of rape falsely. Named. Jailed.
    Gals. Anonymity. At worst "wasting police time".
    Fuck it, lets join CIRA!