Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter: A Sacrifice to Political Correctness

While signing into my various web accounts this morning, I happened to see a retweet of an article from the False Rape Society Blog titled: "Good Friday: The Day When God Allowed His Son to Suffer the Greatest Injustice of All - a Wrongful Conviction."

Wrongful convictions are part of the warp and woof of Feminism, because Feminism encourages false allegations. They do this when they simultaneously instruct courts that women never lie about rape (in spite of incredibly-escalating evidence to the contrary) and instruct District Attorneys that to prosecute women who DO lie about rape will "discourage those who have been raped from coming forward." Feminists encourage false allegations by classifying such ridiculous non-acts as "failing to consider a woman's feelings" as Domestic Violence while designing a law, the Violence Against Women Act, in which the presumption of guilt is transferred to men as a class, and the rewards of that transference are high: custody of children, increased alimony payments, and possession of marital property.

Feminists - 100% of them - are liars by nature. It is not possible to honestly hold to the tenets of feminism. And feminists have historically been responsible for the most extreme abuses of the courts in modern history. Feminists supported the "Satanic Sex Abuse" witch hunt of the 80s. They supported and used the "Recovered Memories" fiasco of the late 80s and early 90s. They invented the twin fake crimes of "Date Rape" and "Domestic Violence" in the 90s. And with the turn of the century, there has been an explosion of false allegations of rape, domestic violence, and abuse as women use the power that politicians, district attorneys, and courts willingly confer upon them to get what they want - the power of slander.

As we enter the Easter season, it is time for religions folk - especially professing Christians - to recognize that the kneejerk confidence that believers (because they firmly grasp that government is supposed to function as a divine representative on earth, and because they generally have a vested interest in maintaining societal order) often place in the police and the court system is woefully misplaced. Police today recognize that the vast majority of allegations filed by women against men are allegations of opportunity, carefully crafted (often with the help of women's shelters) to obtain money, an advantage in court, or revenge. Yet knowing this,many (if not most) police knowingly participate in the persecution and imprisonment of innocent men out of deference to feminist dogma.

As for courts, they have traditionally been enemies of righteousness and fairness and have been the enemies of the innocent. One need look no further than the Bible itself to comprehend this: from false allegations of rape which imprisoned Joseph (Genesis 39:7-20) to the politically expedient imprisonment of Paul (Acts 26:32) and the slaughter of innocent Jesus (Luke 23:13-25), the Bible is replete with instances of the hostility of the supposed "justice system" to those who are innocent (Gen. 39:7-20, I Sam. 20-32-34, I Sam. 24:11-15, Job 16:17, Daniel 6:22, Matt. 27:15-26, Luke 23:13-25, John 18:38, Acts 26:32, Rev. 6:9-11) and the damage perpetrated by those willing to destroy the innocent by means of false allegations (Job 1:11, Matt. 26:59-60, Rev. 12:10).

As Jesus Christ was subjected to false allegations at the hands of the forces of political correctness in His day, thousands of men are languishing in prison, are separated from their children, and are supporting worthless women -at the demand of the courts - who are otherwise destined to become wards of the state. Their reputations have been stained. Their freedom has been compromised. And many of them have paid the ultimate price in resisting the evil that is the Feminist False Allegations Industry.

While it is easy to blame these injustices on feminism - and it is right to do so - we can never forget that those of us who knew better have been cowed by their faux morality into allowing them to transform the courts from a place where justice was once the goal, to a monstrous mechanism of injustice and oppression. As the crucifixion of the Christ by the state manifested His rejection by us all, the destruction of families, men, the economy, the courts, children, and even women, by the Feminist False Allegations Industry makes all of us participants in the injustice that they have designed and desired.

It is time for us to recognize and repent of the evil that is in our midst. As we enter the Easter season, many of you will find yourself at services memorializing the death of Christ on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. As you contemplate the injustice and sin involved in His execution on the altar of an ancient political correctness, also sorrow for those men and unborn children who are being continually sacrificed up to the goddesses of political correctness today by the vilest evil in all of human history - feminism

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  1. reading your blog makes me soo glad I don't live in the USA.