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Women Never Lie About Rape - Chapter 7019: The Vanishing Allegations against David Copperfield

For my next trick, I will make these false allegations disappear!

Before going any further, let me state that I understand that women never lie about rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, or abuse. I know this because feminists tell me that it is so.

I know that the social costs - such as fear of embarassment, being victimized a second time by the system, and the personal fear of being hunted down by their abuser - is so great that women simply cannot gain by lying about rape. On top of that, I understand that women are far too righteous to ever manufacture charges against the innocent for any reason. The womanly virtues of compassion, cooperation, unity, nurturing, and respect for humanity would never allow a woman to participate in such activities. It is the male characteristics of greed, dominance, vengeance, and competition that lead to immoral behavior, of course.

For instance, if I were an aspiring male model and I were having a difficult time becoming established in my chosen trade, I might do something immoral just to give my career a boost. I
might, for instance, appear in a porn movie, or move into O.J. Simpson's guest house, or manufacture false allegations against somebody famous in an attempt to raise my profile. After all, men are, from a very young age, through all that yucky sports and all that other competitive nonsense, taught that what matters is not how you win, but that you win.

On the contrary, however, if I were an aspiring female model and I were having a difficult time becoming established in my chosen trade, I would likely just suffer in silence while writing
feminist poetry about how the deck is stacked against me, or perhaps get a job as a waitress and hope to be discovered while brightening people's day with my uber-heart-of-gold and making all kinds of sacrifices to raise awareness about breast cancer and be a good mother to my kids.

So, as I say, I get all that. Women don't lie.... heart of gold... etc. etc. Which makes the strange case of David Copperfield's disappearing charges all that more difficult to interpret. For the story seems to fly in the face of what I know to be true, having been told the truth by feminists.

On January 25, 2007, Lacey Carroll, age 21 (as of this writing, age 23) of Kirkland, Washington, who was recently named the first runner-up in the 2010 Miss Washington USA pageant, was
attending a performance by magician David Copperfield in the Seattle area. As she and her entourage entered the performance, she was approached by one of Copperfield's staffers, who are apparently trained to scope out foxy chicks prior to performances and sit them in special seating - seating from which "volunteers" for certain tricks will be solicited during performances. And, *ahem*, from the sound of it, it seems as if Mr. Copperfield might sometimes solicit volunteers from this group for special, backstage performances, if you get my drift.

Lacey Carroll, the vile face of feminism: lie and lie again, because it really is all about you!

Copperfield later invited both Ms. Carroll and her family to dinner, and, in classic "I'm-a-famous-producer" fashion, promised Ms. Carroll that he could help her with her modeling career.

One wonders if Mr. Copperfield was wearing mirrored sunglasses and a hefty collection of gold necklaces when he extended this offer, but I digress. One also wonders if this "helping her modeling career" was phrased in terms of "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch my itch", but I digress again.

Whether for counseling purposes, a photo shoot, or a meeting with Stephen Speilberg, or perhaps Copperfield had some really great recommendations on the illusions made possible by makeup, we may never know - but Copperfield, after exchanging email with Carroll for some time, eventually worked up the nerve to invite Ms. Carroll to his private compound on the island of Musha Cay, 85 miles from Nassau, Bahamas. Undoubtedly, Ms. Carroll believed that she would be meeting Mr. Speilberg, if not on the island, at least through a conference call when she arrived.

Alas! When she arrived on the island in July of 2007, only Ms. Carroll and Mr. Copperfield were present on the island! Horrors! Had David Copperfield made all the Hollywood producers, famed photographers, and (gasp!) even Stephen Speilberg disappear!?!?

So for two days, Ms. Carroll stayed on the island. Unfortunately, so did Copperfield. And Copperfield, of course, raped and beat her repeatedly, nay, constantly during the two-day stint.

But then, you didn't need me to tell you that, did you? Because Copperfield is a white male, and white males exist only to rape, dominate, pillage, and harm.

At the end of this two-day orgy of violence, Copperfield did something very strange: he let Carroll go, put her on a plane, and made her promise not to tell.

This is the problem when one is spinning a tale - it is easy enough to simply use the prefashioned templates provided by the local women's shelter in trying to get the tale spun: white male, violence, rape, patriarchal society, fear, sexism in math class. But eventually you have to use some creativity to properly craft the denoument. For a man has violent as Copperfield, merely
putting a chick victim on a plane and eliciting her mild promise not to tell doesn't sound very convincing. Next time, she might want to use that whole "sexism in math class" angle. But again, I digress.

The progress of the story, once it was spun, is pretty predictable thereafter except for the ultra-cool international angle and the FBI raid on one of Copperfield's warehouses: she tells her family that she was taken advantage of, she goes to the local women's shelter where they take a rape kit and coach her on her story (in the future, make sure you spend as much effort in devising an effective ending to the story as you do on the whole rape & pillage part, willya?), the "rape" is reported to Seattle police - who do nothing (Typical patriarchal authorities! Don't they know that women don't lie about rape???) because they have no jurisdiction in international cases (oh, sorry), so they call the FBI who promptly become involved and convene a grand jury for investigative purposes in October of 2007.

No indictment seemed forthcoming... and no charges. Just an endless investigation. As 2007 ended, and 2008 ended, and then 2009 ended, the investigation continued....

And apparently the hopes of becoming the next Tyra Banks had, uhhhhhh, vanished.

So it is important to find a source of reliable income while waiting for your criminal charges to come through so that you can adequately extort a proper settlement from Mr. Moneybags, uhhhhh, Mr. Copperfield.

So she turns to one of the oldest professions in the history of feminism. Prostitution, you guess? No, I said in the history of feminism, not in the history of the world. Rather, Ms. Carroll turns to the finely-tuned feminist fundraising method of extortion.

So yeah, she hangs around in hotel lobbies and fondles the clientele like a normal hooker. But the truth is that most hookers have a slightly more evolved system of ethics than does Ms. Carroll. Most hookers won't manufacture fake charges when guys refuse to become their clients....

So she meets a guy. On a streetcorner, in a hotel lobby, in a bar, or at the restaurant where she works - who can say? She fondles him. Drapes herself all over him. Suggests sex. Suggests a threesome. Becomes so graphic in her suggestive loquaciousness that a second girl abandons the party as being a mite too vulgar for her tastes. So Carroll and her male victim continue the petting party, travelling to and fro looking for a short-term hotel set up, eventually arriving at the Bellevue Westin. While the party waits for their room key, groping, kissing, and all sorts of "romantic" activity occurs - in front of the security cameras. Ms. Carroll, according to hotel staff, is heard to regret that the other chick had abandoned the party, inasmuch as she found the prospect of a threesome quite appealing. She even offered to make a few calls and maybe scare up an additional chick....

Now see? If she hadn't pissed Copperfield off so badly, maybe he coulda made the threesome happen by sawing a woman in half or something!

According to the Bellevue (WA) Reporter:

"Carroll allegedly engaged in foreplay with a 31-year old man in a Bellevue hotel room and then offered to participate in additional sexual acts for $2,000."

Lacey Carroll, liar and feminist, shown here passed out in a car and being taken advantage of while complaining that a threesome seems to be less likely than earlier in the evening.

A bit pricey, if you ask me.

Apparently our 31-year old protagonist thought so as well, inasmuch as he perfected a vanishing act in dispatching Ms. Carroll forthwith. He then called police and reported that he had been the victim of an extortion attempt. Phone call time: 11:02 p.m.

In the meantime, noting that the hotel staff weren't exactly responding to her claims that the man she had been making out in the lobby with, and whom she had willingly ascended into a
hotel room with, had "taken advantage of" her, Ms. Carroll called and reported a sexual assault. Phone call time: 12:30 a.m.

Police arrive. With great seriousness and sincerity, statements are taken. The statements of the hotel employees seem to square more with the accused than the accuser. No matter - the
police checked the security cameras. And they see Ms. Carroll willingly making out with the guy. They see her taking an elevator, alone, while he orders drinks. Somehow, the police are
having trouble squaring all of this with Ms. Carroll's story that she had blacked out in a car and only awakened in the Westin's room with some lumbering brute on top of her.

Wellllllllll, OK. But we are cops, and we know that women don't lie about rape. We know this because we have been in dozens of indoctrination programs sponsored by feminist organizations that taught us that women don't lie about rape, domestic violence, and abuse. So in spite of all the evidence, we are gonna do a rape kit on this chick.

So Ms. Carroll is taken to Overlake Hospital. A rape kit was completed.

But, oddly enough, police do not, in most jurisdictions, have an automatic right to examine the results of a rape kit without a court order. Normally, this presents no problem, inasmuch as
victims (both real and fake) will sign a waiver allowing the private medical results to be revealed to police. They do this, whether they are telling the truth about rape or lying (now, again, I
realize that women NEVER lie about rape), because generally there IS, in fact, the sperm of the accused within them, so it becomes a question of whether that sperm entered her consensually or not. The presence of sperm within a woman obviously always helps her case, because cops know that women do not lie about rape. If the sperm is there, they know the woman was raped! All neat and tidy, huh?

Odd. Ms. Carroll refused to sign over the results of the rape kit to the cops.

"Well, now honey," muttered Sgt. Mumblefuster of the Bellevue Police Department, "if you don't let us have the results of the rape kit, how can we prosecute? Why won't you sign over the results to us?"

"Because," replied Ms. Carroll, "the results of this rape kit might adversely affect my case against David Copperfield."

So the federal investigation of David Copperfield, magician, has disappeared. Any promise of Ms. Carroll enjoying the fruits of extortion have similarly, likewise vanished. And several
chimeral aspects of the Feminist False Allegations Project are revealed....

1) Women DO lie about rape - and it happens frequently. In fact, there are some chicks who are professional liars when it comes to the feminist-favored sexual allegations of rape, domestic
violence, sexual harassment, and abuse.

2) Women are vicious in their capability to lie about rape. Lacey Carroll lied about rape in regards to two seperate innocent men in a period of only a couple of years - both in attempts to
extort money. If the relatively minor amount of $2,000 for a sexual foray that never took place is sufficient to motivate a woman to lie about rape, do you honestly think that they will not lie
for custody, to cover up their own adultery, to ensure a favorable disposition of marital assets, or to gain vengeance on a husband or lover?

3) Women recognize that they no longer even have to be crafty in their use of false allegations. Feminism, the state religion of the legal system, has so corrupted judges, lawyers, police
departments, and every other aspect of the legal system by making them receptive to false allegations that, no matter the evidence, the allegations are welcome. And unless you have
millions of dollars to spend on legal defense (as the Duke Lacrosse players or David Copperfield did) or the good fortune to have security cameras nearby, the wheels of injustice simply start to turn until its innocent victims are ground up.

4) Lacey Carroll, likely because she was a prostitute, is being charged for her false allegations. Remember, however, that less than 5% of women who file false allegations are charged. Even
today, Crystal Gail Mangum has never been charged with the crime of filing false allegations against the Duke Lacrosse team.

What any fool would know, but mind you, feminists are not just any fools, is borne out by the spate of false allegations that are plaguing the country. When you make it easy to bring false allegations, people - whether they are men or women - will accuse with bluster. When you not only make it easy to bring false allegations, but remove the consequences of doing so, people will bring them by the ton.

Let's hope that you, who may or may not have millions to spare, are as successful at dispelling the false allegations when they hit you.

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