Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Female Radio Personality Describes the Historical Rationale for Feminism, and the Legal Basis for Sexual Harassment, in a Single Concise Rant

Who says chicks can't do philosophy? I was extremely encouraged to hear the following rant by a local radio personality in which she alternately describes the historical basis for the feminist movement, the legal basis for sexual harassment claims, the origin of the Latin language, and the meaning of life (rumored to be, "42"). Next week, catch Carmen's lecture on the relationship between bipolar disorder and the space-time continuum...!

"The feminist movement was started by a bunch of ugly women who wanted special treatment. Feminists do not want equality. They want special treatment. These are a bunch of women who want to be promoted and make their way up the ladder without being qualified.... [Feminism has succeeded] because men are a bunch of wussies, and you [guys] let this happen.... If your [fathers] had not been doormats we wouldn't be in this situation today. Women have no interest in equality, because if they did, we wouldn't see the number of sexual harassment lawsuits that we see."

Carmen Connors, WRDU 106.1's Morning Rush (Raleigh/Knightdale, NC)


  1. Want proof that women REFUSE to condemn the crimes of their fellow women? Download and read this 11 page letter that Peter Nolan wrote to the International Women's Club in Dublin, requesting them to CONDEMN the CRIMES that one of their MEMBERS, who is also Peter Nolan's ex-wife, was committing against him.

    Notice how NONE OF THEM would support him and condemn his criminal ex-wife:

    And young men? I really do suggest you read this letter and click through to the links. It is very clear the crimes that were committed and it is VERY clear that these crimes were presented to these women as well as to the government.

    Reading this letter might save your life one day.

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    The point I am making in this letter to these 250 women is that they have had FOUR YEARS to denounce a criminal woman and instead they have supported her and hidden her crimes from those who are new in her life.

    You, as a young men, have a right to know that the VAST MAJORITY of western women take the position they can commit crimes against you with impunity. If you do nothing to fight back? Such as join CAF and register to sit on our new juries? Please do not bother me any more with your whining and moaning.

    For not only have WOMEN had FOUR YEARS to be prepared to denounce WOMEN who are criminals? SO HAVE MEN. And the MEN will not do this either.

    Not Jennifers father, not her brother, not her sons, not my father, not my brothers, not my best man, not my best mate, not my sons, not my male cousins, not my uncles.

    Quite frankly? I am FAR more disgusted in FATHERS than I am in women.

    And you fathers here ought to know that.

    I can have no respect for men who are not willing to write letters like this one. I have been doing this for FOUR YEARS and in my own name MORE THAN A YEAR. Yet so many other men cower at the idea of doing the same. And so many other men REFUSE to educate themselves.

    I have given you men the remedy and you refuse to use it!

    Rescind your consent to be governed!

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  2. "If your [fathers] had not been doormats we wouldn't be in this situation today."

    Someone should tell this bitch that our fathers could not take on the State and were shell shocked by endless false allegations aimed at them. They had fought a war to protect those women and now they had turned on them and the media was backing them up.

  3. The State was our fathers. Women always have to run to men to get things done. And if our fathers had laughed at feminism as the crock of incomprehensible nonsense that it is, there would never have been a culture of false allegations, divorce, or femtardism.

    You may not like what the lady says, but it appears she is on the right side of this issue. And besides that, she's right.

    We tolerate female foolishness, and it breeds more female foolishness, begetting feminism.