Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book Review: The Politically Incorrect Joke Book

It used to be that a lot of foolishness was avoided because people knew that if you believed in a flat earth or went around spouting nonsense, others would make fun of you.

At some point, it became inappropriate to mock those whose beliefs are foolish and wrong, and that, of course, contributed to the spread of beliefs that were both foolish and wrong.

Never has this been more obvious than in the West's adoption of so-called "Political Correctness." Political Correctness is, of course, the idea that certain things are not allowed to be expressed publicly - not because they are wrong, because they are manifestly NOT wrong - but because the expression of certain truths might "create a hostile environment" or "hurt someone's feelings."

So foolishness is now the reigning philosophy across the West, as evidenced by the fact that we now live in a world in which a personage as vacuous and empty as Oprah Winfrey can be the most powerful single influence in the United States.

Enter The Politically Incorrect Joke Book. At roughly 120 pages it is jam-packed with a humor that is both sophisticated and properly base. I say properly base because the ideas that it mocks are not worthy of anything other than sheer mockery and utter derision.

And everybody who deserves it gets it - from the feminists who simultaneously say that women are capable of doing anything men can do (and then lobby legislators to have standards lowered so they can do what men are already doing) to the lawyers who are responsible for the spread of and institutionalization of political correctness (Q: What do you call a dishonest lawyer? A: "Your Honor.").

This book has it all, from riddles, jokes, definitions, aphorisms, light-bulb jokes, and the chapters on Pollack jokes and the Police are beyond priceless.

And the jokes about feminists... Oh, my. Both side-splitting and full of insight.

Q: How many feminist presidential candidates does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It's going to be dark for the next four years, isn't it?

This book is NOT for the faint of heart, and it is decidedly a work for ADULTS. If you are easily offended, you will be offended on every single page. And if you are a limp-wristed, pantywaisted, bedwetting liberal, you will think that this book was offered by the Antichrist himself.

But then, I think that was the point of the endeavor.

Most valuable, in my opinion, is the introduction, which is decidedly NOT funny, but is rather a very intellectual defense of the need to mock political correctness. The thinker in the author is here on display, and the effect of the intellectual jousting of the introduction coupled with the (sometimes juvenile) rough-and-tumble of the humor itself makes this an awe-inspiring offering.

I can honestly say that The Politically Incorrect Joke Book has something for everyone. It would be appreciated both by William F. Buckley and conversely, by Beavis and Butthead.

What more could you ask for?


Reviews of The Politically Incorrect Joke Book:

"Funnier than a screen door on a submarine" - Dave Cannon.

"Outrageous humor with a flair for the intellectual" - Bud J.

"The closest thing to the Comedy Zone in paperback" - Anne C.

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